Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How to Fix Your iPhone with a Bowl of Rice

So tonight... my iPhone decided to take a bath. Bad iPhone! Bad!!

In one heart-stopping moment, my life flashed before my eyes as I watched my iPhone dive it's way gingerly to the bottom of the bathtub. $200 down the drain! Nooooo!

Luckily, I listen to about a million geek podcasts, so knew immediately what to do in this situation. Within a nano-second, my save-the-day instinct kicked in; my fingers deft and sure, reached down, saving my drowning iPhone from certain death. I instantly did the only thing that's crucial to do at this point: POWERED IT DOWN!

Resisting temptation to turn it back on "just to check and make sure it was alright!", I quickly found my laptop and Googled to make sure I did the next part right. Remove SIM card. Bury in a pile of rice. Wait for 2-7 days.

No problem. Except for the fact that I was flying out the next day to California! Great timing, I'll tell you. I feel like I'm missing a limb, traveling without my iPhone, even to the grocery store. But I also knew that powering it back on any sooner would surely electrocute my poor baby.

So... travel without it I did. And I survived. And so did my iPhone. It was perfectly healed when I got back! Rice saved the day! True story.

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