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Premade Blog Template: Lauren

I added a new template to the shop today! I wanted to make a fun, summery design (even though it's almost winter).

L.A. Sightings: Coyotes and Bunny Rabbits

You know that scene in the movie Collateral, with Tom Cruise, where he's in L.A. in the middle of the night and a coyote walks across the road in front of him? Yeah, that really happens here.

The Mexicans around here have a legend that the coyote hypnotizes you if you look them in the eyes. I don't know if that's true necessarily, but they sure are mesmerizing to look at. They are about half as big as a female deer (hey, I'm from Oregon; I know deer... we have almost as many deer as trees in Oregon!), but they tend to walk around more purposefully than a deer, less scared. Whereas deer will stop in front of your car and look freaked out, a coyote will just glance at you as he's marching across the road, almost as if saying, "Oh it's you again. Don't bother me, I'm hunting rabbits."

Yes, rabbits. No, this isn't just a plot from a Looney Tunes cartoon. I've been helping my dad run a paper route in the nights and we see dozens of rabbits…

Premade Blog Template: Kate

Here's a fun new template for Blogger. I designed it with Irish alter-ego in mind (I actually really am part Irish, but when I'm playing Sims, sometimes Kate is my more-Irish, alter-ego name). ;)

Knit Boot Cuffs

The people have spoken! Can you believe I've had two separate requests for knit boot cuffs in the past week? So... I have delivered!

Five colors are available immediately in my knitting shop and I will be adding more soon. Most are made with wool or a wool blend, but I'll also be making some with acrylic yarn, simply because I like the colors better! All are soft and stretchy and designed to fit small- to medium-sized women's calves.

Still 80 degrees... in November

I'm not sure I'll ever get used to the weather here. I know what you're thinking... but 80 degrees in November is awesome!

I guess... if you like summer... which I don't particularly. I'm not saying it's horrendous torture to still be 80 degrees in November, just that it's weird. Summer is fine, in moderation, when it's part of the yearlong cycle of seasons, but November should not be part of summer. Summer should be over by now.

November is supposed to be sweaters and pumpkin lattes and curling up by the fireplace with a good book. I'm literally still in shorts and t-shirts, whipping out my sunglasses everytime I go outside. It's very odd.

I was reading an article from a local magazine the other day... talking about how it was flannel sheets weather. Um, really? Really?? Flannel sheets!?? I'm still throwing off blankets in the middle of the night because I'm so warm. It definitely is NOT flannel sheet weather.

Flannel sheet weather is…

Fall 2013 TV Pilots Review

Once Upon a Time in WonderlandUNDECIDED I really wanted to like this show, but so far it's pretty boring (granted I've only made it through one episode, so it may get better). I love Once Upon a Time and it's spin on all the fairy tales, but Once Upon a Time in Wonderland doesn't have that same charm for some reason. It's largely centered around Alice and Aladdin's genie (who are in love), as they try to escape from Jafar and the Queen of Hearts. Bizarre? Yes, definitely. Bizarre in a good way? I'm not so sure.

Update --> 1 THUMB DOWN I suffered through another couple episodes but couldn't take it anymore. This isn't a horrible show; it just doesn't have any intrigue to it.  The thing I love about Once Upon a Time is the million intertwining fairytales; it's a unique take on the classic tales that we know and love. Wonderland, on the other hand, has basically only two fairytales intertwining (Aladdin and Alice) and that's just not inte…

What I've Watched #7

Moonrise Kingdom
Kind of an odd movie, but kind of cute too. It's basically about two twelve-year-olds who run away because they're in love, as well as all the hi-jinks the local town gets into trying to find them.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars.

Continuum: Season 2
Love this show! Season 2 is now on Netflix, if you've got that. This Candian sci-fi series follows an accidental time-traveler, Kiera Cameron, as she tries to solve the mysteries of the past (our present) to save her present (our future). There are no Terminators or Cylons, but this sci-fi is still super interesting and hard to stop watching!

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Premade Blog Templates: the Jennifer & the Sarah

I've added a few premade blog templates to my shop this week! I decided that even though I love doing custom work, it just hasn't been steady enough income to rely on that yet, so I figured it'd be smart to make some premade templates up too! That way it's a cheaper option for people, plus it gives me more ongoing practice with designing blogs.