Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

Technology is amazing, isn't it? Did you know you can now watch the ball drop live over the internet? Granted, it's not time-delayed, like I'm used to on tv, but in a way, this is even better! Happy New Year, everyone!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

2014 Resolutions Blog Hop

I was recently reviewing my GoodReads account and realized I've only finished 22 books this year! Twenty-two!! That's... like... crazy talk. Seriously. When I was 12, I could easily finish 22 books in one month. Granted, my life is busier now and the books I read tend to be longer, but still...

If anyone's curious, I read 27 books in 2012, 22 books in 2011, and 13 books in 2010. This is an alarming trend, people!

One realization I've been coming to is that I spend far too much time zoning out in front YouTube, television, The Sims, Solitaire... basically anything on my computer or phone that could be considered fun. And while there's nothing wrong with fun, I think perhaps I need to put fun back in it's rightful place.

So... I'm going to try an experiment. I'm starting this week, even though it's not the New Year yet, because if I don't start now I never will. This is a modified version of my previous technology fast, in case you were wondering. Here's my plan:

Goal #1 - No zoning out on digital media during the week.

This includes video games, scanning FB/Twitter outside of actual communication purposes, watching tv, listening to podcasts, watching YouTube for hours on end, etc. Because I run an online business (or two, or three), I cannot actually NOT go online, but I can definitely limit the types of activities I do and when/how much I do them.

Goal #2 - Limit Email/ FB/ Twitter communications to once or twice a day.

When I hear the ding of a new message, I have to check it... or do I? I am going to attempt to batch-check my messages once or twice a day to hopefully avoid the time-suck that is responding to messages. I've turned off most of the random alerts on my iPhone and moved all the apps with alert badges (like Mail, FB, etc) to back screens. This way I'm not tempted to check my messages the second they come in, but rather when I actually decide to sit down and think about them.

Goal #3 - No screens in bed.

This means no listening to podcasts to try to put myself to sleep and no designing webpages while not at my desk. As comfy as doing these things is, I think it is actually contributing to my insomniac tendencies because when I lay down to sleep my mind starts getting excited about all the different media or projects I want to consume/ work on. I may have to allow watching TV in bed because I do that on my laptop and no one really wants to watch TV while sitting in a desk chair, but everything else will be done elsewhere.

Goal #4 - Limit binge-digital-consumption to weekends.

I won't attempt to quit technology cold-turkey. I like it and it's fun, so...

This rule goes along with rule #1. Basically I'm going to limit my tv-binge-watching and my Sims 3 marathon-playing-sessions to the weekends, along with all other "fun" media consumption. If I find myself running out of time to "get everything done", this may be a good clue that I don't need to watch or play everything. Lol.

Goal #5 - READ more books!

All the previous rules were made with the intention of freeing up time to work on the things that I have been wanting to get to but never feel like I have enough time to do. First up on this list... reading! I hope that by curbing my always-connected-ness to technology, I can actually re-build my concentration-on-reading powers. Also hopefully I can clear out a bunch of the half-read books on my shelf. Lol. I have a bad habit of beginning books and then forgetting about them because I only read about once a month. No more!

Goal #6 - Design more.

Seeing as how I'm trying to be a graphic/web designer, I probably should put more thought into designing things, right? Lol. I do design quite a bit, but I think a more regular concentration of energy on this would be a good thing. I have so many "to do" projects I want to design (sample websites, etc) that it would definitely be good for me to have a regular habit of "business hours" where I can concentrate on this, rather than getting around to it after I binge-watch my shows for the day. ;)

Goal #7 - Exercise, photograph, pray, shower, and hydrate more.

This the "everything else" rule. I tend to get stuck in my rut of being a couch potato, to the exclusion of everything else, so I want to try to be healthier, more active, and more focused on God this year. I don't have specific goals for these areas really... just the awareness that I need to make more of an effort in these areas. Feeding my creative and spiritual appetites can only breed good things, and showering and drinking more water is always a good idea. ;)


What are your 2014 resolutions?

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Monday, December 23, 2013

The Ultimate Web Design Resource List

I was recently asked for a list of my favorite web design tutorials, and... well... I got a little carried away. So, here's my ultimate web design resource list! Merry Christmas!

Basic Development Platforms

Blogger: This one is free and very versatile, since you have full access to both the HTML structure of the site, as well as the CSS style sheets. They have a WYSIWYG editor, as well as a custom CSS editor, making it extremely easy to customize a basic blog or site very quickly.

Wordpress: Though the basic software is free, this one does require you to purchase hosting. I personally find Wordpress cumbersome and annoying to code, but it can be extremely robust and versatile if you know what you're doing. There are many, many free and paid templates to choose from, which can give you a good starting ground for designing a site. (Or if you'd rather design a completely custom site, there are many people who specialize in coding Wordpress sites from scratch, which can be a solution if you feel like paying someone to code your designs into reality).

--> Some great WP themes can be purchased here: Studio Press (Genesis Framework) & Elegant Themes

Squarespace: This is my new favorite web development platform. They have many very attractive templates that you can start with, but they also all have CSS access, which makes each base template very versatile. This service does charge a basic hosting fee, but no more than you'd pay for a Wordpress-based site, and every template is mobile-responsive!

Classes, Tutorials, Etc

Tuts Plus: A very extensive tutorial website for just about anything you'd want to know regarding design, coding, and web development. They have a lot of written tutorials and also quite a few video tutorials. (Click the drop-down arrow next to the site logo for a list of all the categories they offer).

Pugly Pixel: I've taken the CSS: Pretty ecourse from her and found it extremely helpful. It's a video course that is extremely helpful for wrapping your head around basic CSS edits. She designs mainly on Blogger, but these skills would be helpful anywhere you can use CSS. (She has another very helpful tutorial here for creating a quick static site (no blog) on Blogger.)

Udemy (Instructor: Rob Cubbon): I have taken most of this guy's courses on Wordpress and found them pretty helpful. This site also has other courses of many types (and prices), so could be a useful and interesting place to look around.

A Beginner's Guide to HTML/CSS: This site is a pretty good resource if you're still trying to figure out the basics of web coding. It is pretty well organized and doesn't go into unnecessarily nerdy detail about anything.

Treehouse: I have not actually used this site, but they appear to have pretty good (paid) courses for web design. It starts at two weeks free, then $25 a month, so it may be worth it sign up for a month and cram as much into your brain as you can.

W3 School: This free site has a very thorough library of CSS coding snippets & tutorials. Also has other coding languages as well, for when you feel up to learning beyond the basics.

Canvas: This is an interesting site that has all kinds of university-level classes on it, most of them free.

Blog Designers Network: These cost money, but they do offer several classes on Wordpress developing specifically. I haven't personally taken any of these classes, but they look like they'd be good.


Adobe Creative Cloud: Sign up with your student id and you can get a very sweet deal for the entire line of Adobe products. Best of all, you'll always have the latest version without having to re-buy them!

Harvest: I highly, highly recommend this service/software if you are going to be billing clients at all. It does have a small monthly fee, but it saves me soooooo much time. Besides having great client organization tools (including estimates and invoices that you can email to clients), they have a great time-tracking tool to help you keep track of how long your projects are going.

Mail Chimp / AWeber: These are the two most-used newsletter systems. If you are planning on building a web design business and want to maintain a mailing list, these are two great ways to construct and send out your newsletters.

Coffitivity: This site doesn't really have anything to do with design, but it does help make the atmosphere you design in much more conducive to thinking. It's basically a white-noise generator of coffee-shop sounds, which can be very helpful if you're trying to design in an environment of irritating and interrupting noises. They also now have a downloadable version that you can use on your computer without needing to be online.

Skitch: If you're on a Mac, I can't recommend the old version of this software enough. (And I highly recommend against the new version - it was recently bought out by Evernote and they completely changed all it's functionality). Skitch is a photo-annotating software, but what I mainly use it for is for quickly resizing/cropping photos. When I'm in a hurry and don't feel like opening up Photoshop, Skitch is my favorite way to quickly resize/crop a photo for a web design project.

CSS Tricks

Removing padding from the Blogger headers: This is a great little trick for creating better looking Blogger blog designs. It's also just basic CSS, so the principle is good to know and can be applied in other web design areas as well.

CSS Sticky Footer: This tip is wonderful for basic site designs where you've got control of the CSS/HTML (ie: Blogger or some Wordpress templates). Makes the footer of your page stick to the bottom of the screen, no matter where you're looking on the page.

Make Any Widget Sticky: This is another helpful one for designing on Blogger, especially. Learn how to make any of the built-in widgets stick to the top of the page, even when you scroll down!

CSS (and other code) Snippets: This site has many interesting articles, but it also has this helpful section of code snippets so you can find quite a few helpful bits of code in one place without having to search all over the internet for them.

Cheat Sheet for Blogger CSS code snippets: I usually just use "Inspect Element" to figure out which bits I want to change on a Blogger design, but if you'd rather have some of the basic edits listed out for you, this page can be very helpful.

Fonts & Font Helps

Flipping Typical: Hands down one of the best time-savers you'll ever use for typography. This site scans all the fonts you have installed on your computer and shows you an example of what your text will look like in every single one of those fonts. This is an excellent way to quickly browse your font library to choose the best fonts for the job you're working on.

Font Awesome: I love this very unique webfont and use it mainly for creating social media icons, though they do have quite a few other symbols as well. You can install it on any site you're building and then style it with CSS to make icons that look any way you want. (I'm using them in my sidebar right now ----->). Best thing is, because each symbol is a font instead of an image file, they're vector graphics and will look good no matter how large you re-size them!

Font Squirrel: This is my go-to site for free, commercial-use fonts. Anything you find here, you are allowed to use in client designs, which makes it that much easier to find what you need and get back to work. (They also have a web-font generator that helps give you the code you need to use your desktop fonts on the web).

Google Fonts: This is a rather large web font library that has a lot of good, quick, free options for fonts to use in web projects.

Lost Type: This site has some very unique fonts that you won't find elsewhere... and they let you name your price. If you're looking for cutting-edge and unique typography, this is the place to go.

Other Web Design Helps

iPad Peek / iPhone Peek: See what your website looks like on a mobile browser. Great for when you're building a mobile-responsive site and want to see what it will look like on various devices.

Lorem Pixel: Get randomly-generated images to use as placeholders in your designs. (Here's a similar site that uses randomly-generated kitten images instead).

Special ASCII Characters: If you happened to need to know the HTML code for character symbols like the em dash, this is the place to get that information.

Textures, Clip Art, & Other Resources

The Ink Nest: Some very cute and quirky clip art, vector frames, etc, all royalty-free, so great for client work!

147 Colors: I absolutely love this site and use it all the time. It has 147 CSS names for colors that you can use anywhere you are coding CSS. Instead of using a hex#, try using one of these color names instead!

Subtle Patterns: This is another free site that I use regularly. They have many, many subtle pattern tiles that work excellently for site backgrounds. I love adding these to give a bit of texture to a site that might be otherwise pretty plain and boring.

Etsy: There are many freelance designers (myself included) that sell great patterns, clip arts, and vector elements (many of them instantly downloadable as soon as you purchase them). While you do have to dig a little to find what you're looking for, this is a great place to find unique elements.

Adobe Kuler: This site feels a little dorky to me for some reason, but it can be a good place to send clients when you need them to choose a color scheme for your project. (Design Seeds is another similar site).

Download Free Vector: A rather dated-looking website, but if you dig, you can sometimes find some great free vector elements.

Vector Stock: This not-free vector library has some great options if you have a little money to spend. It's like a stock-photography site, only for vector art.

Background Labs: You can sometimes find some very fun backgrounds for web designs here. If you're looking for something bright and colorful, this is a good place to browse. They also have some interesting brick and wood textures, which can come in handy.

Design Articles & Reading

A List Apart: This is a fascinating blog/site that talks all about design, web design, being in the business of web design, etc. They also occasionally have web design tutorials, which can be helpful.

Graphic Design Blender: Great articles to read on the subject of building your graphic design business.

The Deep End Design: An interesting blog and podcast, dedicated to helping freelance designers understand the business a bit better.

Digital Point: A forum for web design and online marketing. Can be a great place to ask questions and/or learn something from other people's questions.

Update 1/8/2014:
Sorry guys, but I'm closing the comments on this post. I've been getting LOADS of spam on this particular blog post, for some reason, and I'm tired of moderating it. Thanks for understanding! :)

New Blog Designs

Here are a few client blogs that I've been working on recently. Thought you might enjoy seeing what I've been designing!

View this design in action.

View this design in action.

If you'd like your own blog or small business website designed, reserve a spot on my calendar today!
I'm now booking for January and February!


Saturday, December 21, 2013

Recent Life Updates

Hello! Sorry for my few and far between posts lately. I'll try to be better about that.

To catch you up... My previous job situation got downsized after about 2 weeks, so since then, I've been either looking for work (which is surprisingly exhausting, if you've ever done it), building up my Etsy design shop, flushing out my business website, and also helping my dad with his job (a night-time route delivering the LA Times).

On the paper route

My neice turned one years old a couple weeks ago. Time sure flies! She's crawling now and starting to learn to stand while holding on to things.

Rachel's First Birthday

The weirdest thing about living in Southern California to me is that it never really got to be winter here! We had one week where it got into the 30's at night, but for the most part, it's been fluctuating between the 40's and the 70's (night & day, respectively). Last week we even got into the 80's! That definitely makes it a little more difficult to get into the Christmas spirit, but the lights on everyone's houses around town does help.

Carlita investigating the Christmas tree.

It actually rained Thursday, which was nice. Made me feel right at home! The newspaper called it a storm and people I talked to around town called it a downpour, but we Oregonians would call it a sprinkle. Lol. Still, it was refreshing and envigorating, as rain after a long, dry spell can be, and it made for a pretty photographic moment when the sun peaked out again!

Sunshine after the rain

Friday, December 20, 2013

5 Things Every Woman Should Know How To Do

Originally published as a guest over at a la Mode:

Five things every woman should know how to do:

#1 -- Fry an egg

No really. There's something awesome about knowing how to make the perfect fried egg. It's gotten to the point where I don't even like eating eggs other people have made because I like how mine taste better.

#2 -- Pin stuff on Pinterest

Because it's fun. And relaxing. And a great artistic feeding ground.
I am learning that, as an artist, it's very important to feed my inner artistic self or I will not be able to be very creative. For some reason this is easier said than done. I think maybe we artists get used to being depressed and "blocked" so much that we forget that the quickest way out of it is to inspire yourself with other people's creativity. One free way to feed your creativity is by curating a Pinterest stream that speaks to your sense of wonder and imagination!

#3 -- Go to the movies alone

Okay as an introvert, I actually enjoy this... prefer it even. But I really think every woman could benefit from having the strength to do things on her own. Going places w/ friends, boyfriends, family is fine... but you're always seeing these places and things through their eyes. When you go places by yourself, everything looks and feels differently. It can be very envigorating!

#4 -- Generate passive income

I'm not particularly good at this yet, but I keep trying! Passive income is when you continue getting paid for something long after you stop working at it (as opposed to getting paid only for the hours you show up to your job). Example include, e-books, digital downloads (like on Etsy), or even rent from a roommate or tenant. The point is to free up time for you to do other, more fun things... like travel! Because really, who wants to be stuck in a cubicle the rest of their life?

#5 -- Sit still

Again, not something I'm particularly good at. I used to be. I think. I sort of grew out of the ability to sit still without constantly thinking about something, but it's something I wish I were better at. I always sort of feel guilty whenever I have down-time, which really makes the down-time not so relaxing (and kind of ruins the point of down-time, don't you think?). I blame it on the always-on technology feast I gorge myself on daily.
Sitting still, daydreaming, people-watching... etc... can be a great way to give your brain some downtime. Which, from what I've read, is something that your brain really needs in order to function at it's peak abilities. It's a myth that working harder, faster, and with more multi-tasking will improve your performance in things. You actually need rest regularly for your brain to get it's productive surge again!
So it's okay. I promise. I give you permission to sit around and do nothing this afternoon. Your brain will thank you for it.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Looking for new Web Design Clients!

I've been working hard this week pulling my new business website together. After trying to make a design blog work, I realized that's not really what I want my site to be about. I want it to be professional and clean and ready to sell myself to clients! So....

J. Maloney Design - website design Santa Clarita California

I of course will still build Blogger blogs when I get those requests, but I am expanding my offerings to include mobile-responsive Squarespace-based websites as well! Squarespace is so much easier to manage than Wordpress (at least, in my opinion) and every site built on Squarespace version 6 is automatically mobile-responsive, which is amazing!

I look forward to working with small businesses, indie artists, and small-town churches who haven't built their own site yet! Is that you or do you know someone who that sounds like? I'd appreciate it so much if you could help me spread the word!

Visit my site.

Update 1/8/2014:
Sorry guys, but I'm closing the comments on this post. I've been getting LOADS of spam on this particular blog post, for some reason, and I'm tired of moderating it. Thanks for understanding! :)

Friday, November 29, 2013

Premade Blog Template: Lauren

Available for purchase. View the demo.

I added a new template to the shop today! I wanted to make a fun, summery design (even though it's almost winter).

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

L.A. Sightings: Coyotes and Bunny Rabbits


You know that scene in the movie Collateral, with Tom Cruise, where he's in L.A. in the middle of the night and a coyote walks across the road in front of him? Yeah, that really happens here.

The Mexicans around here have a legend that the coyote hypnotizes you if you look them in the eyes. I don't know if that's true necessarily, but they sure are mesmerizing to look at. They are about half as big as a female deer (hey, I'm from Oregon; I know deer... we have almost as many deer as trees in Oregon!), but they tend to walk around more purposefully than a deer, less scared. Whereas deer will stop in front of your car and look freaked out, a coyote will just glance at you as he's marching across the road, almost as if saying, "Oh it's you again. Don't bother me, I'm hunting rabbits."


Yes, rabbits. No, this isn't just a plot from a Looney Tunes cartoon. I've been helping my dad run a paper route in the nights and we see dozens of rabbits bounding across every lawn like it's their personal playground. You can see their little white tails as they bounce around in the grass like little kittens playing with each other. It's the cutest thing you've ever seen!

I can only assume that since we also see the coyotes at night, the poor little bunny rabbits are a midnight snack for Mr. Coyote. So far I haven't seen that, thankfully, but I'm sure it happens. Run, little bunny rabbit, run!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Premade Blog Template: Kate

Available for purchase. View the demo.

Here's a fun new template for Blogger. I designed it with Irish alter-ego in mind (I actually really am part Irish, but when I'm playing Sims, sometimes Kate is my more-Irish, alter-ego name). ;)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Knit Boot Cuffs

The people have spoken! Can you believe I've had two separate requests for knit boot cuffs in the past week? So... I have delivered!

Five colors are available immediately in my knitting shop and I will be adding more soon. Most are made with wool or a wool blend, but I'll also be making some with acrylic yarn, simply because I like the colors better! All are soft and stretchy and designed to fit small- to medium-sized women's calves.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Still 80 degrees... in November

I'm not sure I'll ever get used to the weather here. I know what you're thinking... but 80 degrees in November is awesome!

I guess... if you like summer... which I don't particularly. I'm not saying it's horrendous torture to still be 80 degrees in November, just that it's weird. Summer is fine, in moderation, when it's part of the yearlong cycle of seasons, but November should not be part of summer. Summer should be over by now.

November is supposed to be sweaters and pumpkin lattes and curling up by the fireplace with a good book. I'm literally still in shorts and t-shirts, whipping out my sunglasses everytime I go outside. It's very odd.


I was reading an article from a local magazine the other day... talking about how it was flannel sheets weather. Um, really? Really?? Flannel sheets!?? I'm still throwing off blankets in the middle of the night because I'm so warm. It definitely is NOT flannel sheet weather.

Flannel sheet weather is when it's frosty outside. Like, literal frost on the ground. Sub 32 degrees, people. I think it's maybe gotten to 46 degrees overnight here so far. Which... I suppose if you were outside then, would be kind of cold. Perhaps if you were camping in a tent in your backyard in this weather, you'd want flannel sheets. But... indoors? Seriously, no.

Indoors it is definitely not cold, even at night. At least in my apartment, it's still low 70's, high 60's overnight, with the room instantly heating up back to 80+ degrees the second the sun comes up. That's like... maybe spring weather... at most.

And yet... the other day I went to an evening Bible study, and I had grabbed a cardigan to wear, because... well, because it's November and that seemed like the right thing to do. I kid you not, the second I walked into their house I was boiling. It felt like 90 degrees in there. They had the fireplace going; everyone was in sweaters and drinking coffee. Meanwhile I was quickly removing my cardigan and locating the cold water to drink. Lol.

I have a feeling that 1) people here either don't actually know what cold weather feels like, so they instantly assume "not hot" means freezing, or 2) people's blood is thinner here so they really do feel colder a lot quicker than I do. My skin seems to soaks up the sun from the day and hold onto it all night, though, so I never quite feel cold here like I used to in Oregon. And generally speaking, I like the cold! I miss it! I like that it gives you a reason to cuddle into snuggly clothes and pull on a warm hat. I guess I'm glad to experience this way of living, because it's definitely interesting, but not really something I see myself wanting long-term. I miss my seasons!!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fall 2013 TV Pilots Review


Once Upon a Time in Wonderland


I really wanted to like this show, but so far it's pretty boring (granted I've only made it through one episode, so it may get better). I love Once Upon a Time and it's spin on all the fairy tales, but Once Upon a Time in Wonderland doesn't have that same charm for some reason. It's largely centered around Alice and Aladdin's genie (who are in love), as they try to escape from Jafar and the Queen of Hearts. Bizarre? Yes, definitely. Bizarre in a good way? I'm not so sure.

Update --> 1 THUMB DOWN

I suffered through another couple episodes but couldn't take it anymore. This isn't a horrible show; it just doesn't have any intrigue to it.  The thing I love about Once Upon a Time is the million intertwining fairytales; it's a unique take on the classic tales that we know and love. Wonderland, on the other hand, has basically only two fairytales intertwining (Aladdin and Alice) and that's just not interesting enough for me to want to keep watching. The latest episode I watched did start to tie in Robin Hood as well, but it's too little too late (plus I keep hearing rumors of cancellations).



So far so good. This spin-off of Pretty Little Liars has a much more supernatural vibe to it, which is intersesting, although odd considering the show it spun off from isn't supernatural in the least. As it stands on it's own though, it's pretty mysterious and intriguing, which suits me just fine. It follows five teenagers that are stuck in a 'Final Destination'-like situation in a town that doesn't seem to have aged since 1960. I've seen the first two episodes and will definitely keep tuning in to see what happens next!

Update --> 1 1/2 THUMBS UP

Yeah I'm definitely loving this one.  The mystery of it all is intriguing enough to keep me watching and they're keeping me guessing enough to not be boring. Great job, ABC Family!

Lucky 7


This show was pretty awesome... too bad it got canceled after only two episodes. It was one of those "a bunch of people win the lottery by pooling their money together" type of shows that come around every few years and get cancelled right away (remember the show Windfall?). I absolutely love this story premise, but unfortunately have never actually been able to watch a show about it because they keep getting cancelled! Come on, people! Wish fulfillment is awesome!

The Tomorrow People


I've seen the first couple episodes of this and I think I remember it being intriguing, although obviously not quite enough to make me want to watch the next episode yet. I may get around to it, but we'll see. It reminds me a bit of the movie Jumper, mixed with the X-Men. If I remember right, the storyline was kind of all over the place, which generally means it's not going to hold my attention very long.

Update --> 1 THUMB DOWN

Alright I've seen 4-5 episodes now, and while I really want to like this show, it's got far too much "monster-of-the-week" style writing and far too little actual character & plot development for my taste. Add the random gratuitous violence that continually sneaks in for no apparent reason and it really makes me completely over this show. While Tomorrow People has an interesting premise, the writers can't seem to do anything with it.

The Originals


I love The Vampire Diaries, but so far this spin-off is very dull and boring. It doesn't help that it's staring my least favorite characters from TVD (moody Klaus, and even more moody Marcellus), as well as a some new, even more annoying, characters (I'm looking at you, Hayley!). The storyline is somewhat interesting, so I'm trying to push through and keep watching, but I have a feeling that unless something super interesting happens, this one won't last long on my to-watch list.

Unfortunately The Originals has none of the wit, charm, or Ian-Somerholder-ness that TVD has going for it, and so far the most interesting character is a not-seen-very-often barmaid, Camille (and only because she's played by Leah Pipes, who was in another couple shows that I loved but were cancelled prematurely (Life is Wild, and The Deep End)). I don't hold out much hope for this show.

Witches of East End


So far so good. This show can be a little cheesy, but the storyline is pretty good. It's about two sisters who not only discover that they're witches, but also that they're doomed to die and be re-born as babies w/in the year. Their mom and aunt are trying to figure out how to break the curse so that the girls can live this time around. Meanwhile, there's an evil dopelganger of the mother roaming around town killing people. (Don't worry, it's on Lifetime, so is generally a very violence-free show, despite what it sounds like). Though not the best show in the world, I'd say it's got potential.

Update --> 1 THUMB DOWN

This show is quickly getting both painfully creepy and painfully boring. While I can tolerate creepy if the storyline is fantastic (think... X-Files or Walking Dead), creepy with boring just isn't a good combination. I've got through about 4 episodes and they're still on the same basic storylines without much development into the plot. We've got the shifter-killer stalking the mother, one of the girls with a slightly creepy fiance and very hot fiance's brother, and the other girl who's just a librarian (nothing much interesting going on with her). I would have hoped by this many episodes in that we'd know more of their backstory, met more supernatural bad guys, had some sort of love-triangle with the fiance's brother, etc. Nope, nothing except the occasionally creepy scene whenever the mom does magic (in between very monotonous scenes where she's telling her daughters never to use magic). Seriously that's about all the show is so far - they definitely need some new writers.



Totally awesome show. I definitely recommend this one! It's loosely based on the life of Mary, Queen of Scots, when she moves to France at age 16 to marry Prince Francis (actually I believe in real life, she married him around age 12 or 13). Besides having a super intriguing, semi-supernatural mystery storyline going on, Anne of Green Gables is in it! Megan Follows plays the evil queen, out to get Mary, which is pretty entertaining, I must say, since I really have only ever seen her playing Anne Shirley. I definitely hope this show sticks around at least a few more seasons because it's a great show with good acting, cinematography, and storylines.

Update --> 3 THUMBS UP

This show keeps getting better. So far every main character is being developed pretty deeply, which is refreshing. No one-dimensional characters here! Mary is a strong, female character in an extremely patriarchal society, which is fascinating to watch. Plus all the dresses are pretty! ;)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What I've Watched #7

Moonrise Kingdom

Kind of an odd movie, but kind of cute too. It's basically about two twelve-year-olds who run away because they're in love, as well as all the hi-jinks the local town gets into trying to find them.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars.

Continuum: Season 2

Love this show! Season 2 is now on Netflix, if you've got that. This Candian sci-fi series follows an accidental time-traveler, Kiera Cameron, as she tries to solve the mysteries of the past (our present) to save her present (our future). There are no Terminators or Cylons, but this sci-fi is still super interesting and hard to stop watching!

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Premade Blog Templates: the Jennifer & the Sarah

I've added a few premade blog templates to my shop this week! I decided that even though I love doing custom work, it just hasn't been steady enough income to rely on that yet, so I figured it'd be smart to make some premade templates up too! That way it's a cheaper option for people, plus it gives me more ongoing practice with designing blogs.

Available for purchase. View the demo.

Available for purchase. View the demo.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Digital Blogging and Scapbooking Elements

Forget what I said earlier about states clip art. I found the research part of that project totally tedious and mind-numbing. I tried to push through and slave away at it, but it hit me this weekend... why am I slaving away at something that should be fun? I should be working on stuff to sell in my shop because it's interesting and makes me smile, not because it seemed like a great idea but now is a chore.

So... I'm revamping my entire digital shop to include mainly blogging and scrapbooking elements, ranging in price from $2-$15. Ribbons, backgrounds, clip art, etc. I'm combing through my computer to find all the stuff that I've experimented with over the years to see if any of it will fit in my shop, then I'll work on expanding ideas, adding new stuff, combining stuff into related sets, etc. Basically my goal is to fill up my shop fast and sell lots! ;)

Here are a few of the items I've listed this so far this weekend:

Seamless Blog Backgrounds
Seamless Blog Backgrounds
Sidebar Elements
Digital Clip Art
Digital Clip Art
Digital Clip Art

Monday, October 21, 2013

Blog Design: Giveaways 4 Mom

I recently finished up a design for Victoria, over at Giveaways 4 Mom. Victoria wanted a fun, feminine, yet professional-looking banner design for her giveaway blog. Her basic layout was already determined, but I was able to give her a new color scheme, banner design, and "About Me" area that would compliment her blog's fun, feminine vibe!

If you are looking for a blog design of your own, click here to view my current rates!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

My Heart Belongs In...

I'm in the middle of uploading a states-related project to my Society 6 shop. To be honest, I'd kind of forgotten I had that shop, but while I was working on my clip-art project for Etsy, I realized that these state outlines could easily be transformed cute merchandise over on Society 6!

I've only got a few states up currently, but be on the look-up in the coming weeks as I roll out all 50 states!

Prints, t-shirts, & other merchandise available at Society6
Prints, t-shirts, & other merchandise available at Society6.
Prints, t-shirts, & other merchandise available at Society6.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Clip Art: Oregon

How's it going, guys? My new job's been slow but fairly steady. I'm only working two days a week right now, but it's been fun to have some different projects to work on. I've worked on a couple logo designs and a page layout project, both of which I had to do about 10 million revisions on (not really).

Sidenote --> If you're ever feeling creatively stuck, that's actually a very good exercise - take one design problem and solve it about 20 different ways. Then solve it again 20 more ways. By the end of that, you might actually have something good to show for it. ;)

I've also started a new project for my Etsy shop. I'm making states-related clip art! I started with Oregon, since that's my home state, and I'm going to do California next. I'll probably work my way through the most populated states after that unless you guys have any preferences for a state you'd like to see sooner! ;)

Get your auto-download today on Etsy for just $5!

I'm trying to do things that the state each somewhat known for, although I'll admit that I don't know most states as good as Oregon, so hopefully I won't make too many stereotyping mistakes as I research this! Lol.

Where are you from and what would you most like to see in a clipart set for your state?

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Blog Design: My "not so" Simple Life

I recently finished up another blog design. This one was for Ellen, over at My "not so" Simple Life. It was fun coming up with a cozy, farm-like feel for her. She's a home-schooling mom who lives on a hobby farm, and wanted to reflect that sophisticated, yet country feel in her blog design.

It's Giveaway Time!

She's also running a blog design giveaway over on her blog for me, which you all are free to enter. You can win a "Quick Makeover" for your Blogger blog (sorry, not wanting to tackle Wordpress at the moment). This includes a new blog header, "About Me" photo blurb, and a coordinating background. You also win 30% off a "Complete Makeover", should you choose to upgrade to a full blog design. That gives you a $450 value service for just $315!

Check out this giveaway before 10/4 if you'd like a chance at a free blog makeover!

If you are interested in scheduling your own blog design, click here to learn more!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What I've Been Up to Lately

I've been knitting up a storm this week for my Etsy shop. I haven't felt like knitting since I've been down here since it's so HOT! But... it is just about to "hat-selling season", as I like to call it, so I figured I better break out my yarn and needles again. ;)

My brother-in-law's old college roommate was giving away this gigantic tv and asked if we wanted it. It's not super new, but considering that we literally only brought what we could fit into our cars from Oregon, we were having to make due with a little, itty, bitty, 13" one. Lol. This one is so much bigger than we even had in Oregon, so it's almost like having a theater right in our living room. ;P

My mom and I visited the local mall the other day. I hadn't been to this one yet, and I was pretty impressed! It reminds me of the ones up in Salem or Portland that actually have a double-layer of stores and lots of people in them. There was one mall in the town next to where we used to live in small-town Oregon, but it was rarely bustling and half the stores were closed. Not very inviting. ;) But this one here even has a double-decker carousel, which is super awesome! Do I lose cool points if I say I really want to ride it? ;P

Monday, September 30, 2013

88° and Leaves Falling

It's a little crazy being in such a warm climate during Fall. It still feels like summer to my Oregon brain (it's 88° today!) and yet the stores are filling up with boots and scarves and Halloween candy. Very strange. Being from Oregon, I'm used to rain at Christmastime instead of snow, but I'm definitely not used to not having a Fall season! I'm guessing Winter here will actually feel more like an Oregon Fall, minus all the buckets of rain.

Speaking of Oregon... it has come to my attention that only people from the Pacific NW know the difference between evergreen and deciduous trees. It blows my mind that someone may not know the difference to something that seems so obvious to me, but then again I've been an Oregonian for my entire 34 years, so it's very possible I just haven't spent enough time around people from other parts of the country. ;)

With that in mind... I'm really curious if you know the difference? (And if you don't, leave a comment below telling me what part of the country you're from).

Monday, September 16, 2013

Drumroll Please...

I got a job!! Woohoo! Amazingly enough, I am only two months out of design school and have already landed a job. This is definitely God's timing, because I really didn't expect to find a job this soon! (Although I was sure hoping I would!)

happy dance

It'll be part-time to begin with, and move into full-time. The art director is planning on expanding her firm this year, so will be bringing on new clients, which is what prompted her to hire a new person at this point in time. I'll be starting at a lower capacity now before she expands in order to have the extra work-hours to be able to take on the new clients in order to expand. See how that works? ;)

So I'll be starting a week from Tuesday. I'm so excited! And a bit nervous too. This will be the first "real" job I've had in my new field. I've had a few freelance clients, for which I am so grateful, but it'll be a great learning experience to be working under someone who knows more than I do and has been doing this for awhile already!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Blog Design: Fill Up Your Mug and Sit Awhile

Sarah is one of my long-time blog friends and I have had the pleasure of redesigning her blog this past month. Even though she lives on the other side of the country from me (Florida!), we are both coffee-loving, introverted Christians, so it's been a pleasure getting to know someone that I have so much in common with!

You can find out more about Sarah and her family over at Fill Up Your Mug and Sit Awhile. I'll be poking around there for the next couple weeks doing a few more code fixes, but the bulk of the design is done now so I wanted to show it off!

If you are interested in scheduling your own blog design, click here to learn more!
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