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Sleep Debt

You know how they always say you should get 8-9 hours of sleep a night? Well, I usually get 5-6. Probably pretty normal, but also probably pretty unhealthy. Anyway, I was reading this article about sleep debt, and it made me think more about how I really should be making it a priority to get regular sleep.


It's just that there are only so many hours in a day, and I spend most of those at work, so... going to bed early is taking away a lot of my "me" time! :(

Still though, if consistently losing sleep is super unhealthy, and possibly even cutting years from my life, in the long run, maybe it's worth it. Hmm... Or maybe I just need to quit my day job and become the night owl I was meant to be. Lol.

New Year's Resolutions

I think I need to add to my list of New Year's resolutions... do not kill plants! My thumb is notoriously black, but plants are just so pretty so I keep buying them. At least I'm better at keeping cats alive. ;)

I did buy a bunch of plants this weekend, in case you were wondering where I was going with this subject. It makes my living room feel so much fresher! And hey, if I do manage to kill them, what's a few dollars for a month of freshness?

Before and After: De-Cluttering my Desk

I went crazy today at Staples and went on an office-supply shopping spree. ;) I've always wanted to do that! I love office supplies. Always have. Probably why I ended up in the receptionist career.

Anyway, my goal was to organize my mess of a desk. Mission accomplished! Now I can play around online on my cozy bed while viewing a clean desk in the corner instead of a messy one. Lol.

Adventures at New Years

As some of you know, I have hypoglycemia. Technically, hypoglycemia is a symptom of something (such as diabetes) - it means "low blood sugar". Doctors have yet to figure out what is causing mine, though. Unfortunately. Needless to say, I just have to make sure I eat every 3-4 hours and I'm fine.


Yesterday I forgot to eat dinner. What can I say... I was distracted by my day off, reading blogs, knitting, generally lazing around. 10:30pm rolled around and I suddenly realized I had a splitting headache!

I glance at the clock and realize what time it was. 10:30!! I stood up to make myself something to eat and got super nauseated.

The funny thing about hypoglycemia is that the main symptom is nausea... and the main cure is eating something. Kind of ironic, I know, since eating is generally the last thing I desire to do when I'm nauseated.


I quickly threw a frozen pizza in the oven and downed a glass of Kool-Aid. As I lay on the couch listening to the T…