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Why I will no longer be swapping ads here

If you use Passionfruit Ads, you got an email this weekend announcing a new pricing structure. Basically in a nutshell, a service that used to charge $1 for every paid ad (and $0 for every swap), is now charging a flat fee of $9 a month. Which... if you're making money on ads is really a drop in the bucket and will actually cost you less money. But... if you're like me and really only ever do swaps... which were free under the old system... this now means ad swaps will cost me $9 a month. Which I really, really don't want to pay.

All this to say that I will honor my current swaps and continue them through the end of August (which is when PF starts being a paid service). If you would like me to continue offering ads on my sidebar, you will now need to pay for them. Honestly as much ease as PF puts into swapping, I really can't justify paying for something that I'm not making any money off of. So for that reason, I will no longer be accepting any swaps, and will be r…

2013 Summer Capsule Wardrobe

I ran across the interesting idea of a capsule wardrobe the other day. You pick around 20-30 items (in this case, I picked 33 items) that are intended to be worn in one season. Basically you choose items that will be mix-and-matchable with each other, typically all within a specific color scheme, along with some neutrals. It doesn't count underwear or pajamas, but everything else you would need, including accessories, for work, church, home, etc, for an entire season (in this case summer). I thought it'd be interesting to see what I could come up with for a summer capsule wardrobe that I might actually wear. ;) What do you think of my choices?

Summer 2013 Capsule Wardrobe by desertrose0601 featuring a wide waist belt

NW Oregon Vs. So. California

We're moving in less than a month to Southern California, so I thought it'd be fun to do a little pro/con list. I've lived in NW Oregon my entire life, so the culture difference is probably going to take some getting used to!

Oregon: Love the rain and all the green it makes.
SoCal: Won't have to worry about things molding all the time.

Oregon: Love the seasons and the definite shift to colder weather for half the year.
SoCal: I think I can get used to flip flops and shorts year round (or at least mostly year round).

Oregon: Beautiful scenery which inspires beautiful photography.
SoCal: Ditto. I can't wait to explore all the nooks and crannies of the state with my camera.

Oregon: Cheaper places to live.
SoCal: Better salaries available.

Oregon: Nothing much to kill you in the way of bad weather or venomous creatures.
SoCal: Wildfires, earthquakes, black widow spiders...

Oregon: Fairly relaxed and laid-back.
SoCal: Crazy drivers, more crime, LOTS more people.

Oregon: Not a lot of…

The Quirky Craftster re-design

I just finished up the redesign for The Quirky Craftster! It turned out very cute! You can see this design in action here: The Quirky Craftster.