Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What I've been up to lately.

Welcome to my second week of classes. Sorry for those of you who miss my frequent posting. I appreciate knowing that you miss me! ;) I'm still trying to adjust my energy level to this busier schedule, so often blogging just doesn't make it onto my to-do list. I do miss you guys though, don't worry! ;)

This week I've been working on a black and white project for my Composition For Designers class. We had to cut out a gazillion perfectly-straight black strips in different sizes (harder than it sounds) and paste them perfectly-straight onto a white paper to create an illusion of black and white merging in and out (MUCH harder than it sounds).

It was a super fun project but I'm glad it's done. The goal was pretty much just to learn to use our supplies (t-square, triangle, ruler, x-acto knife, etc). Very tedious for sure.

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