Saturday, November 12, 2011

Make Their Wish a Reality

With the fall weather looming in nicely, I've been having fun inventing new hats for my shop! Blustery, rainy weather always puts me in the mood to knit. ;P

I've got some fun cuffed hats (brimmed? not sure which is the right terminology) and also some slouchy ones added to my shop now. It's fun to see the different shapes and styles emering from my needles! Especially now that I'm offering FREE shipping for the Christmas season, I'm hoping my shop will start gaining some presence and popularity! While I do love knitting for knitting's sake, it's always fun when other people like your stuff too!

I've had quite a few custom orders this past month too, which is fun. I just sent a custom order off a couple weeks ago for a lady sending a care package to soldiers in Afghanistan! Talk about making a difference with my knitting! :) I love it when people have an idea for what they want in a hat and I can help make their wish a reality!

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