Thursday, October 10, 2013

Clip Art: Oregon

How's it going, guys? My new job's been slow but fairly steady. I'm only working two days a week right now, but it's been fun to have some different projects to work on. I've worked on a couple logo designs and a page layout project, both of which I had to do about 10 million revisions on (not really).

Sidenote --> If you're ever feeling creatively stuck, that's actually a very good exercise - take one design problem and solve it about 20 different ways. Then solve it again 20 more ways. By the end of that, you might actually have something good to show for it. ;)

I've also started a new project for my Etsy shop. I'm making states-related clip art! I started with Oregon, since that's my home state, and I'm going to do California next. I'll probably work my way through the most populated states after that unless you guys have any preferences for a state you'd like to see sooner! ;)

Get your auto-download today on Etsy for just $5!

I'm trying to do things that the state each somewhat known for, although I'll admit that I don't know most states as good as Oregon, so hopefully I won't make too many stereotyping mistakes as I research this! Lol.

Where are you from and what would you most like to see in a clipart set for your state?

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