Friday, November 8, 2013

Still 80 degrees... in November

I'm not sure I'll ever get used to the weather here. I know what you're thinking... but 80 degrees in November is awesome!

I guess... if you like summer... which I don't particularly. I'm not saying it's horrendous torture to still be 80 degrees in November, just that it's weird. Summer is fine, in moderation, when it's part of the yearlong cycle of seasons, but November should not be part of summer. Summer should be over by now.

November is supposed to be sweaters and pumpkin lattes and curling up by the fireplace with a good book. I'm literally still in shorts and t-shirts, whipping out my sunglasses everytime I go outside. It's very odd.


I was reading an article from a local magazine the other day... talking about how it was flannel sheets weather. Um, really? Really?? Flannel sheets!?? I'm still throwing off blankets in the middle of the night because I'm so warm. It definitely is NOT flannel sheet weather.

Flannel sheet weather is when it's frosty outside. Like, literal frost on the ground. Sub 32 degrees, people. I think it's maybe gotten to 46 degrees overnight here so far. Which... I suppose if you were outside then, would be kind of cold. Perhaps if you were camping in a tent in your backyard in this weather, you'd want flannel sheets. But... indoors? Seriously, no.

Indoors it is definitely not cold, even at night. At least in my apartment, it's still low 70's, high 60's overnight, with the room instantly heating up back to 80+ degrees the second the sun comes up. That's like... maybe spring weather... at most.

And yet... the other day I went to an evening Bible study, and I had grabbed a cardigan to wear, because... well, because it's November and that seemed like the right thing to do. I kid you not, the second I walked into their house I was boiling. It felt like 90 degrees in there. They had the fireplace going; everyone was in sweaters and drinking coffee. Meanwhile I was quickly removing my cardigan and locating the cold water to drink. Lol.

I have a feeling that 1) people here either don't actually know what cold weather feels like, so they instantly assume "not hot" means freezing, or 2) people's blood is thinner here so they really do feel colder a lot quicker than I do. My skin seems to soaks up the sun from the day and hold onto it all night, though, so I never quite feel cold here like I used to in Oregon. And generally speaking, I like the cold! I miss it! I like that it gives you a reason to cuddle into snuggly clothes and pull on a warm hat. I guess I'm glad to experience this way of living, because it's definitely interesting, but not really something I see myself wanting long-term. I miss my seasons!!


  1. Yeah, I take issue with their definition of "flannel sheet season" if it's 80 degrees out, you haven't even gotten to hoodie season yet, nevermind flannel sheet season.... but then again, after you've been out there for a couple of years, I suppose 80 starts feeling cold. :P


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