Monday, January 27, 2014

Baby-Sitters Club: Then and Now

Book cover changes can sometimes be a good thing. As a graphic designer, I can appreciate that fact. They can introduce a new generation to an old classic that might not otherwise be glanced at.

Sometimes, however...

This happens...

BSC Book Cover: circa 2010

I guess it's better than this previous remake (which thankfully I've never noticed before):

BSC Book Cover: circa 1990

But sometimes I just have to ask... why mess with the original? It was great and it makes me nostalgic just to look it! I admit the girls look a little outdated, but then again... this series is set in the 80's. How else should they look?

BSC Book Cover: circa 1986

Of all the remakes I found of this cover, I think the 1995 version was the best (though I still prefer the original). It updates the cover image to appeal to a new generation, but it still maintains the spirit of the original. I wish the current book cover design had been as thoughtful.

BSC Book Cover: circa 1995

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  1. I loved the Babysitters CLub so much! I had almost every single book, back in the 80's. I like the idea of kids reading them now... with the OLD cover!


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