Thursday, September 15, 2011

Leaving a Left-Brained World

I am feeling much better today about my paperwork snafu. One of the advisors finally emailed me last night and say he'd be there at 10am sharp! Okee dokee!! I'll be there! :D

I was feeling nervous when I went in this morning because I wasn't sure if they would think I'm being a pain to keep wanting to come in and have them look over stuff. But as soon as I walked in, my advisor was all smiley and like, "Oh good morning! How's everything going?" While he was looking at the paperwork, too, he was like, "You're the one who already has a Bachelor's right? I bet that's why they're requiring all this extra stuff."

It really made me think that he probably is just majorly right-brained and only remembered me once he saw my face but didn't really have a remembrance capacity for dates/times/details over email, which is why our email conversation wasn't very to-the-point at first. I know I can to be like that too (remembering faces better than names & dates), and I'm only partially right-brained. As my mom tells me, "You're kind of both [left-brained and right-brained]." Lol.


This whole situation just serves to remind me that I am leaving a left-brained world and pulling into a right-brained one now. These profs are all probably going to be WAY more relaxed and non-deadline-specific than I'm used to with previous professors. Which is fine I guess, but I'll just have to remind myself to relax and let my creativity take the lead instead of the analytical side of my brain. It'll be refreshing, I think, to learn to exercise that artistic side of my brain though. I'm looking forward to that!

Next week I have a "Welcome to Campus!" event to go to, and then the following Monday is when classes start. It's all coming so fast!! Exciting!

I really do hope that this is the last of the paperwork I need to turn in. That way I can get my financial aid money quickly. I'll need to start buying books and supplies soon, so that money will definitely come in handy!

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