Thursday, September 29, 2011

Reinvent Themselves

It's interesting watching people on campus. I can definitely spot the second-years. They know what they're doing... have a certain confidence. I, for sure, am not a second-year. Lol.

I was realizing the other day, as we were introducing ourselves in class, just how many people come to community college to reinvent themselves. I know I did, and so many people I've been meeting seem to be doing the same thing. Sure there are the 18-year-old "true freshmen", but there are also quite a few later-in-life students who are here for a purpose and a reason. It's actually quite inspiring.

Anyway, today's photo was taken on a break during my night class last night (Drawing I). We spent the first hour in lecture and then the last part of the class drawing a still-life (I drew a teakettle). I was struck by the quiet beauty of the campus at night, quiet and still. Usually during the day it's anything but. Beautiful sure, but definitely not quiet and still. Lol.

Sorry for the rambling. Coffee is still making it's way to the verbal part of my brain. I'm on a break between classes and ran over to the coffee shop. How very collegiate of me. ;)

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