Sunday, October 14, 2012

Calling all extroverts!

I want to try an experiment to see if I can get my Etsy knit shop off the ground. I'm a terrible marketer, largely because I'm a very introverted introvert, but I know that a lot of you are extroverts, so...

How would YOU like to earn weekly commissions by becoming one of my sales reps? ;)

Here's how it'll work. You'll get a 5% off coupon code to my shop. This code will be specific to you and any customer that uses it will get 5% off their order. Then once a week, I will send you a 5% commission based off the sales that you brought in that week. So you get a 5% commission and your friend gets 5% off their order. Win win! And yes, you even get a commission if you buy something for yourself using the 5% code (meaning a total of 10% off your order after you've received your commission for that week).

The ideal sales rep would be:
  1. Someone who has 200+ blog followers, Twitter followers, or FB followers.
  2. Someone who feels comfortable promoting a wonderful handmade product!
  3. Someone who is extroverted and passionate about marketing. 
In addition to this, you must:
  1. Have a PayPal account. This is how you'll get paid.
Basically you can find customers any way you want. This should ideally include social media (blogs, Twitter, etc), but you can totally advertise wherever and however feels natural to you. You're the extroverted marketer type and I will let you do your job. Just make sure your customers use the coupon code so you'll get credit for the sale!

If you feel like you would make a good sales rep, even if you don't meet any of the criteria, send me an email telling me why you think you should get the job. I'll pick 5-10 of the best qualified applicants and send you your coupon codes!

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