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Fall 2012 TV Pilots Review

I haven't had much time to stay caught up on the new Fall shows, but I've tried to watch at least the pilots of the ones that intrigued me. Here's what I thought...


666 Park Avenue 


Definitely worth watching. Reminds me of a Stephen King novel. A couple takes a job at a hotel where things aren't always what they appear to be.



Pretty interesting so far. Robin Hood meets Batman. Hopefully it won't devolve into just another villan-of-the-week show.

Update --> 1 THUMB DOWN

Upon further thought, I don't have time for this show. I'm several weeks behind and don't have any motivation to continue it at this time. Which... says something about the stickiness of this show... just saying.

Beauty and the Beast


Pretty decent so far. I watched this pilot awhile ago and it isn't sticking in my head, so that's not a good sign. I remember enjoying it though, so we'll see if it continues to make it in my weekly line-up.

Update --> 1 THUMB DOWN

After trying to watch episode 2, I realized that this is just another CSI clone. I was hoping for an interesting supernatural drama, not a murder-of-the-week cop show.

Chicago Fire


Apparently the entire internet hates this show, but I found it to be both interesting and entertaining. I like the characters and I like that this show has a good balance of "soap opera" and action.



I was all set to hate this show that cast Dr. Watson as a female, but it actually works surprisingly well. As long as there's no romantic entanglement between Sherlock and Watson, I think it'll be a winner.

Update --> 1 THUMB DOWN

I'm back-burner-ing this one too. It's really not making me want to watch more, which is a sign that it's time to move on.

Emily Owens, MD


The super-sacherine pre-season commercials for this show made me think I'd hate it, but the show itself was actually pretty good. I doubt it'll gain much traction beyond a season or two, but for now it's cute.

Update --> 1 THUMB UP

This show is definitely growing on me. I could do without the constant inner dialogue of the main character, but other than that, it's a pretty interesting storyline.

Last Resort


I really wanted to like this show. (Hello! Ben from Felicity is on it!!) But... major snooze-fest. If you like military dramas, this will probably hold your interest, but I need more soap in my dramas.

Made in Jersey


There's a little too much blue-collar vs. white-collar references, but other than that, it has potential. I watched the pilot a long time ago and haven't been motivated to watch the second episode though, so...

Update --> 1 THUMB DOWN

I don't know what it was about this show, but it felt really tedious and bogged down. I couldn't make it through the second episode, so decided to let it go.

The Mob Doctor


Greys' Anatomy meets The Sopranos. A doctor gets mixed up with the Mob and ends up working for them... while continuing to work her doctor job. I'm looking forward to the rest of the season.



Way too much country music for my taste, but the storylines have me pretty intrigued so I'll probably keep watching.

Update --> 1 THUMB DOWN

I tried episode two this weekend and couldn't get more than halfway through it. Too much political drama with the main character's husband that really weighs down the storyline. I like some of the other characters, but not enough to continue watching.



The previews for this were way more interesting than the actual show has been. I will continue watching because dystopian futures intrigue me, but they better get on with some actual plotlines soon.

Update --> 1 THUMB DOWN

I got behind on this show and then started hearing rumors of how boring it was becoming, so... I'm moving on from this one too. It may be one to Netflix this summer, but for now, it's not going to stay on my weekly rotation.

Update (one year later) --> 1 THUMB UP

I did indeed go back and find this on Netflix and found it pretty enjoyable. I'm about halfway through season and it's pretty interesting, although the pacing of the storyline is a bit slow. Definitely nowhere near as good as The Walking Dead, but still pretty good.



The pilot was intriguing, although I'm not fighting to not hate that this is basically a Western. The acting is good though, so I'll probably keep watching.

Update --> 1 THUMB DOWN

As with several of the others, I don't have enough time to watch everything and this show just isn't beckoning the way some of the others are, so... moving on...


  1. I just got caught up with a few shows this past week. Revolution had such an intriguing premise but I don't really like any of the characters. Not sure how much longer I'll give that show.

    I hadn't seen any previews for Beauty and the Beast, but I saw that it was coming on after Vampire Diaries and wanted to give it a shot. Ten minutes into the second episode I deleted it and cancelled the series recording. Just wasn't expecting it to be a CSI type of show...

    And Elementary was surprisingly pretty good! Agreed about the romance. I hope they don't throw that in there. Not going to lie though, I keep comparing it to the BBC's Sherlock and it just can't compare. Still enjoying it though!!


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