Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Graphite Perspective Study

I keep waiting until I have time to do a proper post... and then I keep not having time to think of something brilliant to say. So my apologies to anyone who has wondered where I've been lately. School has been keeping me BUSY!! It's the 5th week of classes already, can you believe it? I'm going to try really hard to just post little posts every day or two instead of waiting until inspiration hits me.

Here's what I've been working on for the last couple weeks (there's acetate over the drawing so unfortunately I have a little ceiling light reflected across the drawing in the photo).

Anyway, this is all done in pencil (mostly 4B and 6B soft pencils). It started as a rough sketch, then was scanned in and re-drawn in Illustrator, then printed out and shaded in about 5 times until we knew exactly how we wanted the final piece to look... THEN we transferred it onto illustration board and shaded it very carefully until it looked "realistic" (or as realistic as balls and checkerboards in space can look).

And here's what the weather was doing this afternoon as I left school. It's been a pretty rainy week, but the sun came out briefly today and WOW!!! I just love fall-time, don't you?

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fall 2012 TV Pilots Review

I haven't had much time to stay caught up on the new Fall shows, but I've tried to watch at least the pilots of the ones that intrigued me. Here's what I thought...


666 Park Avenue 


Definitely worth watching. Reminds me of a Stephen King novel. A couple takes a job at a hotel where things aren't always what they appear to be.



Pretty interesting so far. Robin Hood meets Batman. Hopefully it won't devolve into just another villan-of-the-week show.

Update --> 1 THUMB DOWN

Upon further thought, I don't have time for this show. I'm several weeks behind and don't have any motivation to continue it at this time. Which... says something about the stickiness of this show... just saying.

Beauty and the Beast


Pretty decent so far. I watched this pilot awhile ago and it isn't sticking in my head, so that's not a good sign. I remember enjoying it though, so we'll see if it continues to make it in my weekly line-up.

Update --> 1 THUMB DOWN

After trying to watch episode 2, I realized that this is just another CSI clone. I was hoping for an interesting supernatural drama, not a murder-of-the-week cop show.

Chicago Fire


Apparently the entire internet hates this show, but I found it to be both interesting and entertaining. I like the characters and I like that this show has a good balance of "soap opera" and action.



I was all set to hate this show that cast Dr. Watson as a female, but it actually works surprisingly well. As long as there's no romantic entanglement between Sherlock and Watson, I think it'll be a winner.

Update --> 1 THUMB DOWN

I'm back-burner-ing this one too. It's really not making me want to watch more, which is a sign that it's time to move on.

Emily Owens, MD


The super-sacherine pre-season commercials for this show made me think I'd hate it, but the show itself was actually pretty good. I doubt it'll gain much traction beyond a season or two, but for now it's cute.

Update --> 1 THUMB UP

This show is definitely growing on me. I could do without the constant inner dialogue of the main character, but other than that, it's a pretty interesting storyline.

Last Resort


I really wanted to like this show. (Hello! Ben from Felicity is on it!!) But... major snooze-fest. If you like military dramas, this will probably hold your interest, but I need more soap in my dramas.

Made in Jersey


There's a little too much blue-collar vs. white-collar references, but other than that, it has potential. I watched the pilot a long time ago and haven't been motivated to watch the second episode though, so...

Update --> 1 THUMB DOWN

I don't know what it was about this show, but it felt really tedious and bogged down. I couldn't make it through the second episode, so decided to let it go.

The Mob Doctor


Greys' Anatomy meets The Sopranos. A doctor gets mixed up with the Mob and ends up working for them... while continuing to work her doctor job. I'm looking forward to the rest of the season.



Way too much country music for my taste, but the storylines have me pretty intrigued so I'll probably keep watching.

Update --> 1 THUMB DOWN

I tried episode two this weekend and couldn't get more than halfway through it. Too much political drama with the main character's husband that really weighs down the storyline. I like some of the other characters, but not enough to continue watching.



The previews for this were way more interesting than the actual show has been. I will continue watching because dystopian futures intrigue me, but they better get on with some actual plotlines soon.

Update --> 1 THUMB DOWN

I got behind on this show and then started hearing rumors of how boring it was becoming, so... I'm moving on from this one too. It may be one to Netflix this summer, but for now, it's not going to stay on my weekly rotation.

Update (one year later) --> 1 THUMB UP

I did indeed go back and find this on Netflix and found it pretty enjoyable. I'm about halfway through season and it's pretty interesting, although the pacing of the storyline is a bit slow. Definitely nowhere near as good as The Walking Dead, but still pretty good.



The pilot was intriguing, although I'm not fighting to not hate that this is basically a Western. The acting is good though, so I'll probably keep watching.

Update --> 1 THUMB DOWN

As with several of the others, I don't have enough time to watch everything and this show just isn't beckoning the way some of the others are, so... moving on...

Friday, October 19, 2012

It's a rainy Friday here in Oregon

Hello from Busy Student Land! It's finally the weekend!! ;D

I am so happy to have three new sales reps for Desert Rose Knits. Maybe you're next? If you are an extroverted, marketing type and want to earn some extra cash promoting hand-knit items from the comfort of your armchair... you just might be the perfect candidate for the job!

Also, in case you were curious... here's what Oregon is looking like these days. Isn't it wonderful? (No seriously... rain is my favorite weather, for some reason. Don't laugh, I've lived in Oregon 33 years, I can't help it!)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Calling all extroverts!

I want to try an experiment to see if I can get my Etsy knit shop off the ground. I'm a terrible marketer, largely because I'm a very introverted introvert, but I know that a lot of you are extroverts, so...

How would YOU like to earn weekly commissions by becoming one of my sales reps? ;)

Here's how it'll work. You'll get a 5% off coupon code to my shop. This code will be specific to you and any customer that uses it will get 5% off their order. Then once a week, I will send you a 5% commission based off the sales that you brought in that week. So you get a 5% commission and your friend gets 5% off their order. Win win! And yes, you even get a commission if you buy something for yourself using the 5% code (meaning a total of 10% off your order after you've received your commission for that week).

The ideal sales rep would be:
  1. Someone who has 200+ blog followers, Twitter followers, or FB followers.
  2. Someone who feels comfortable promoting a wonderful handmade product!
  3. Someone who is extroverted and passionate about marketing. 
In addition to this, you must:
  1. Have a PayPal account. This is how you'll get paid.
Basically you can find customers any way you want. This should ideally include social media (blogs, Twitter, etc), but you can totally advertise wherever and however feels natural to you. You're the extroverted marketer type and I will let you do your job. Just make sure your customers use the coupon code so you'll get credit for the sale!

If you feel like you would make a good sales rep, even if you don't meet any of the criteria, send me an email telling me why you think you should get the job. I'll pick 5-10 of the best qualified applicants and send you your coupon codes!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Are you a No-Reply Blogger?

I get a lot of great comments on this blog, and I love replying to them as much as I can. I try to respond to everyone by email, which seems more likely to get a conversation going, and I try really hard to answer everyone, unless the comment is something like, "Nice," which is hard to know how to respond to. But in general, if someone says something interesting, it's nice to write back, and a lot of times it actually leads to a conversation about a subject we both have an interest in, so that's pretty cool.

Lately though... I've been getting a huge amount of  No-Reply Blogger  comments. Are you familiar with this concept? Basically there's a setting in your Blogger profile that allows you to "Show Your Email Address", which all that really means is that when you comment on my blog and I get your comment, I then have your email address to be able to respond to you.

If you don't check that option... it shows up in my email as being from  "No-Reply Blogger" , which basically means I can't reply at all to your comment. A lot of times it'll still link to your Google Plus page or to your blog, so sometimes if I have time, I will try to track you down and answer you that way, but... that get's pretty tedious and disjointed, so I usually don't go that route.

So... what I'm asking you is, can you go right now to your Google profile and please make sure you have this setting turned on so I can respond to your comments? 

I have received so many great conversation-starter comments recently that I can't reply to because they come from  No-Reply Bloggers . I really don't want to be ignoring you guys, but you've got to meet me halfway here!

If you're not sure if you're a  No-Reply Blogger , leave a comment below asking me about it and I promise to track you down this time and let you know. ;) If you don't hear from me in 24 hours, that means I couldn't figure out how to track you down and you ARE indeed a  No-Reply Blogger .

In that case, here are a couple of great tutorials on how to fix this:

  1. {If you're NOT using Google Plus}
  2. {If you ARE using Google Plus}

Sunday, October 7, 2012

2nd Week of Classes

Greetings from student-land! How is life out there in the free world? Lol. Just kidding. ;P

I really am having fun, but it's easy to remember the bygone days of summer (aka: two weeks ago) and wish I were able to knit and watch TV all day like I did then. I suppose in the long, overarching scheme of things, I'm going to school so I can work a job that can afford me time off to be able to knit and watch TV all day, so... that's something to look forward to, right? Lol.

These are my books for the semester. I'm already behind, believe it or not. I was planning to read as I went along... and then the "real" assignments were assigned (meaning those that the teachers collect so they have to be done on time), so reading got shoved to the back burner.

I made it the top priority on my "To Do" list for the weekend to finish last week's reading, start (and hopefully finish) next week's reading, and try to get a little further ahead than that if I could.

What actually happened was this...

Yes, that is the game, Civilization (Civilization IV: Colonization, to be exact). See... I was reading about art/design history and the inventions of writing, laws, map-making... if you've played these Civilization games at all, you'll know that that's exactly where they start. So my homework made me do it!! I started remembering bygone days of exploring new maps, setting up civilizations, and discovering how to get to the moon before the other countries could figure it out...

And I ended up playing Civilization for like 8 hours yesterday. I wonder if my teachers would count that as extra-credit? I'm learning about art history... sort of.

Okay, so then today I sat down to be really productive... my computer in the other room so I couldn't start another game of Civilization... and then I started reading about the Code of Hammurabi. This made me really curious what the Code actually said (in case you haven't studied it in an art or ancient history class... the Code of Hammurabi was the first known written set of laws). So... I grabbed my iPhone and looked up a translation of this code (which was fascinating by the way).

via: Wikipedia

Long story short, I only read for about a half hour (and barely scratched the surface - it's a loooooong list of laws!), but it was still very fascinating. From my very quick review of this Code, it seems to me to be over-erringly just... in the sense that wrong is always punished and right is always rewarded... but the punishment is usually death (for stealing... for kidnapping... for wrongly accusing someone of stealing or kidnapping...). I would've loved to keep reading actually, but my guilt from playing Civilization all day yesterday kicked in, so... I came over here to tell you about my procrastination instead. ;P

Seriously though... I do have an Art History paper that I have to do this term that I could totally do on the Code of Hammurabi if I wanted to. We can pick anything up to around 300 BCE to write about, so long as it includes some reference to art, craft, sculpture, etc. So... basically the door's wide open (in fact, the teacher's chief requirement was that we don't bore ourselves). I could write about anything from the search for the Garden of Eden to the history of knitting, so long as I can find some way to tie it back into art (which isn't that difficult, since most fascinating subjects have been painted about or are themselves an artform).

And here I am rambling on again instead of doing my homework. I just wanted to say hello to everyone out there, and hopefully I'll get in another blog post before next weekend! I miss you all!!

What's your favorite thing about Fall?

Friday, October 5, 2012

Just a small little rant about Grey's Anatomy (Contains SPOILERS)

Can I just say... if you haven't started watching Grey's Anatomy yet this season, start with episode 2 and then go back and watch episode 1. It'll make a LOT more sense.

>>>>>>SPOILERS BELOW<<<<<<


First of all... I spent the first half of episode one wondering why Cali was crying so much. Had Arizona died? Did I miss something? Everything else (mostly) made sense, although it seemed strange that Meredith and Derek constantly referred to vague things like, "Are you sure you want to do this today?" or "It's almost 5:00!" I hate it when writer's write a script that way, intentionally keeping something obviously vague.

When they killed George (way back a million seasons ago), it was a much more elegant script-writing, I'm just saying. I mean, I didn't see that coming, during the episode, and after the reveal it made you think, "Wait! That was under my nose the whole time and I didn't even see it!" But with this new vagueness, it constantly poked at me that I wasn't in on the joke, which was actually rather irritating.

But I digress...

So because I kept feeling like I was missing why Cali was crying (it gave me this nagging sense that I'd missed an episode), I actually Googled "Did Arizona die?" thinking that maybe I'd forgotten a part of the finale from last season.

And... if you've seen this episode... you'll know what I found... a headline that basically said something to the effect of, "Arizona loses a leg and Mark Sloane dies." And it's like... "Wait!!! That was NOT was I was searching for!! Way to spoil the ending!"

So... yes I shouldn't have been Googling while I was watching a show and expected not to see any spoilers, but... would it have been too much to ask to let things play out in order so I don't feel like I missed something? It sucked the drama right out of the episode because I felt like I was coming into the season mid-stride and spent half the time trying to orient myself.

Then I watched this week's episode and it suddenly all made sense. This was where I thought we were going to start last week... at the plane crash and what happened afterwards. I might even have to go back and watch last week's now because that's what feels like should happen next in the sequence of things. Why are you constantly rearranging what feels normal to me, Shonda Rhimes?
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