Thursday, March 27, 2014

Do you read multiple books?

I'm going to try something nuts and actively read 6 books at once. I mean, I do normally have at least a couple going at once, and honestly I've got about 20 others started but they're now hibernating on my "Shelved but not abandoned" pile. But generally speaking I don't actively read quite this many at once. Am I crazy to attempt it?

So... my current situation is that I'm in the middle of a super good book, Skybreaker, which is a library book, but I have a stack of other library books also starring at me saying, "Read me! Read me! I'm your new favorite book! Why are you ignoring me?" So I figured, "Why not? Let's aim to read at least one chapter a day in each of them. If one of them grabs me and sucks me in and forces me to read more, who am I to argue? But at least I won't be distracted by wishing I knew what the other books on my shelf are about.

How 'bout you? Do you read multiple books at once? If so, why? If not, have you ever?

(Books I will be reading are shown down below).

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  1. This is pretty much how I always read books... LOL.

    Usually I've got somewhere in the neighborhood of 5-6 books going at a time. How it seems to work for me is there are usually two that I'm feeling really drawn to and they get the most attention, and then the other 3-4 are more back burner books that I get around to when I have extra time.


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