Friday, May 6, 2011

Hour Three

I finally watched Hour Three of the Royal Wedding coverage this afternoon. This hour, as you probably already know, was the actual ceremony. It was so beautiful! I especially loved the choir; it makes me miss my years in choir back in college.

This ceremony was just perfect, really... respectful, holy, intimate. I couldn't get over how beautiful the church was, how beautiful her gown was, how beautiful the singing was! It was such a perfect day and a perfect wedding.

As hour three begins, Kate Middleton and her father begin down the aisle, followed by Kate's sister, Pippa.

Kate was such a beautiful bride! She was very relaxed and calm, even though literally billions of people were watching her at that moment.

The procession took four minutes once they entered the church. The priests led, followed by Kate and her father, and then by Pippa, the bridesmaids, and the page boys.

Prince William was very happy to finally see his bride!

There were several hymns sung during the ceremony. Here, Pippa stands next to the little bridesmaids and page boys. Aren't they cute?Even Queen Elizabeth sang along during the hymns, although I noticed she didn't sing during "God Save the Queen". Protocol? They are kind of singing to her, I guess.

Prince William and Kate said their vows... all the traditional, beautiful words. Such powerful declarations of love!

Prince William gave Kate her wedding ring.The priest talked about the sanctity and importance of a marriage before God.

There is another prayer and then Prince William, Kate, and the rest of the immediate family left to another room where the marriage license was signed.

Can you just imaging getting married here? Everything was so elegant and beautiful! There is so much history in this room, it gives me the shivers!

And as the ceremony drew to a close, the royal trumpeters joyfully announced the marriage to the world!

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