Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Adobe Illustrator Tutorials Worth Watching

As I mentioned the other day, I spent much of the weekend watching Adobe Illustrator tutorials online. One thing I learned (that has absolutely nothing to do with Illustrator), is that there are a lot of duds out there. (Okay, I already knew that). Some of the videos I found had no actual instruction - and a lot of them had loud rock music or some other such distracting and non-instructional element tossed in there for good measure. Some were in a foreign language... which I guess is good for people who speak that language, but not so good for me.

Anyway... I thought I'd share some of the better tutorials I found, in case you, like me, were wanting to gain some actual software knowledge without having to wade through all that other junk.

Adobe Illustrator -- tuturials worth watching

2 Ways to Create Ribbing

Create a Seamless Repeating Vector Pattern

How to Create a Zipper Tooth Pattern Brush

Vector Swirls, Swooshes, and Florals

Create Intricate Patterns

Flower Tutorial (no actual spoken instruction, but it's still pretty easy to follow)

Create a Vine Brush

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