Friday, December 30, 2011

New York City on the brain

I suppose I've been watching a little too much Gossip Girl over the break, but I've got New York City on the brain. It just seems like it'd be a magical place. (Although I could be totally wrong about that). I think it's the history of the place that charms me. Have you been there? What's it like?

In my attempt to locate a "what does it feel like to live there?" point of view on the 'net, I ran across this blog: My Life as a New Yorker, about a graphic designer who moved there a few years ago from California. Unfortunately the blog ends abruptly in December 2009, but what I read up to that point is utterly fascinating.

Here are some of the highlights:

Even K-Mart is fancy in NYC!

The Guggenheim Museum

Adrienne's Pizza Bar -- I'm loving all the tall buildings in the background!

A flea market in Hells Kitchen

Cupcake vendor! We need one of those around here!!

An umbrella in the trashcan -- this just struck my funny bone for some reason.

Mad Men casting call -- how cool to live in the city where everything interesting happens!

Snow in NYC - so beautiful!

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