Monday, December 5, 2011

How to Hand-Draw Snowflakes

Today began finals week... so of course I've been procrastinating all weekend. I downloaded the free trial for Adobe Illustrator and proceeded to become obsessed with how to draw snowflakes. I guess you could say I was studying design principles hands-on! Lol.

Did you know what this guy, Wilson Bentley, photographed over 5000 different snowflakes? He was a farmer around the turn-of-the-(previous)-century who was fascinated by the different shapes they make. Nearly all snowflakes are six-sided (occasionally some are eight-sided), but every one grows differently due to the rate of moisture in the air around them, etc. Pretty amazing!

Anyway... I then found a sweet tutorial online for how to hand-draw snowflakes. My brain was having trouble being creative drawing lines into snowflakes in Illustrator, but hand-drawing really seemed to break open my imagination! I was going to upload some of my own drawings, but my scanner was freaking out, so you'll just have to trust me that they turned out pretty cool!

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