Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Are you a Mac person or a PC person?

So basically what they're saying is...
Mac people tend to be smarter and more artistic...

Yeah, I'd have to agree w/ that. ;)

via: Geek System


  1. WOW. Thanks for coming by my blog, btw.

    This is creepy how much we have in common. I'm going to a vocational adult school for web design and desktop graphics. I love photography, blue, rain, I am obsessed with taking pictures of my dog, I'm an artist and writer... I'm a massive Sims fan (but can't play anymore since the first pets patch) we are so much alike, it's freaking me out. LOL

    Anyway, nice to meet you! I'm adding you to my favorite blog page on the menu.

  2. I'm neither of these...I'm a Linux user. -grin-

    Remy / Cinnamon Bubbles

  3. Interesting, but I think a bit skewed based on the 90% user rate of Windows and the huge difference in average user age, lol. All I'm getting out of this is that they polled a bunch of over 50 PC users, and compared them to a polled bunch of young MAC-loving hipsters in the big cities.

    As for the smart/tech savvy thing, I'd have to say the REAL smarties at least half time with *nix, and the PC/MAC debate is inconsequential because neither is superior. Right Remy? :D


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