Sunday, March 11, 2012

Why I might give up my iPhone for a GoPhone.

So... here's what I'm pondering...

What if I sold my iPhone (the iPhone 4 is going for around $300-400 on eBay), purchased an iPod Touch instead to use as wifi-internet access / media player (brand new would cost $200-300 from Apple), and then bought a pre-paid flip-phone to have on hand if I ever actually need a phone (which is a rare occasion these days - I think I called someone maybe twice last month).


I LOOOOOOVE my iPhone, but the truth is, I rarely ever use it as a phone. Instead, I'm paying through the nose to have instant access to the internet wherever and whenever I want. Which I suppose is slightly ironic since most of the places I go have wifi access.

So I'm asking myself... WHY am I still paying monthly for my iPhone?? Is the convenience nice? Absolutely. Is it worth it when I don't currently have a steady income? I'm beginning to wonder. That $70+ a month could buy an awful lot of gas for my commute to school.

And really... the primary thing I use my iPhone for is to listen to music and podcasts. If I had an iPod Touch for that, I doubt I would even remember half the time that it wasn't an iPhone.


What do you think? Great idea? Terrible idea?


  1. I think it's a great idea! I would definitely do this but I'm just too dependent. How sad I am!

  2. My kids have been asking me to do this. None of them use "the phone." They only text and listen to music. Their reasoning is "Mom you could cut all three of our phone lines off" which would save us around $100-$150 a month. But of course I'd have to shell out for the iPod for two kids (my older son actually has one that he bought from a friend.)

  3. I love that idea! Especially if you can sell your phone, you'll actually be making money in addition to the money you'll save monthly. Do it!

  4. Do it! BUT NOT THE TMOBILE PHONE. I was on prepaid with TMobile for almost two years, the're AWFUL. I had problems with my phone getting texts (or NOT getting them, I should say), and I never called anyone because it was so expensive and it ate up my minutes. It's 15c to send a text, 10c to GET one. >:| Do not recommend them.

    So last year I went out and got a lower-end smartphone (Optimus V, it was on sale for just under $100 when I got it) with Virgin Mobile, and I get 300 minutes, unlimited text, and unlimited 3G for less than $40/month (no contract). I guess you'd want to check out coverage first, but I would definitely recommend them otherwise. My phone came with a 2gb miniSD card, but you can upgrade them to at least 32gb. I know it's not an iPod, but it's a good compromise for a student. You could have a cheaper phone still with all that stuff you use, plus an extra $40 a month!


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