Saturday, September 1, 2012

Improve your SEO with this one very easy trick!

Oooh I just discovered an awesome SEO tip - make sure your outbound links open in a new tab, rather in the same one. If Google sees people clicking away from your blog a lot, you lose SEO points. But if a click opens in a new tab, the window with your blog in it stays open longer, thereby improving your SEO. Fortunately this is a really easy thing to implement!

How I did this on Blogger...

1. Go into your Template page and choose the option to Edit HTML.

2. Find where it says <head> at the beginning.

3. Directly below that, put in this code:
<base target='_new' />

4. Now whenever you click on any outbound link on your blog (a link that links to somewhere besides your own site) and it'll automatically open in another tab!


  1. WOW! THANK YOU FOR THIS! I'll have to do this!

  2. AND, I hate when I'm on someones blog, and I click the link and lose their page. Then I have to go back to it to finish reading, instead of being able to toggle back and forth.

  3. Done!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  4. What a great tip! I just added it to my blog.


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