Saturday, September 22, 2012

Starting an Herb Garden

Yesterday I stopped by the local farm store and was poking around their garden section. I've been meaning to start an herb garden for like 5 years, so figured this was a good a day as any to get started on that.

Did you know you can buy cayenne pepper plants? Did you even know cayenne peppers grew on plants? I'm not sure that ever really occurred to me. I've only seen cayenne ground up in jars in the spice aisle at the grocery store! Lol.

Anyway, after browsing everything they had, I decided to start my indoor garden with a pineapple mint plant. Pineapple mint is so named because supposedly it smells like pineapples when you brush past the leaves, although it just smells (and tastes!) like plain old mint to me. But it's a cute plant and should be fun to (try to) take care of! My grandpa had a patch of mint in his backyard when I was growing up that I loved to eat, so this seemed like a good plant to start with.

Some of the other plants I saw at the farm store were green pepper plants, tomato plants, chives, marjoram, sage, and several other herbs. I really wanted to get one of each, but I figured I should start with one plant and see if I don't kill that one first. ;) I might have to go back and snag a green pepper plant though, because I've been craving those ever since I saw them there. I wonder if green peppers grow indoors??



  1. I have been meaning to do the same! I might just go out today and get my own little herb plant :)

    1. Yes do it! My "I've been meaning to" lasted for years!! Lol. Today's a great day to start!!

  2. Good luck with your indoor garden! I'm pretty good with houseplants but when I try to grow my own food it's always failed lol!

    1. Thanks! I hope I won't kill these. I tend to forget about my plants until they've turned brown and died, so I really hope my attention to a food garden will be a little more attentive! Lol.


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