Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Why I am only sort of going to continue to do swaps (even though I said I wouldn't).

Okay I know I said I wasn't going to do sponsors anymore, but... I had so many complaints about that that I decided to continue in just a lessened way (so as to make it easier on myself while I'm busy with school).

My blog is now open to swaps only, not paid spots, for creative and interesting blogs. I am not going to do anymore giveaways or Sponsor Intro posts or anything like that. I also have a disclaimer on my swap page that I do not wish to participate in anyone else's giveaway or Sponsor Intro posts. Sorry if that makes me a spoil sport, but that gets REALLY TIME CONSUMING when I have 10-20 blogs that I'm swapping with. Everyone seems to have their own version of interview questions or survey that they want me to fill out, along with submitting a photo, social media icons, an "about me" blurb, etc. And while I appreciate that each blogger really wants to make an awesome Sponsor Intro post, it's all just entirely too much (and besides... no one reads them anyway).


Enough of that soap box for awhile...

In other news... I changed my blog design again! I was going for a really clean, simple, refreshing look. What do you think?


  1. I can barely keep up with my sponsor swaps so passionfruit makes life easier. There is the stigma of being a "bad" blogger if you don't do spotlight your sponsors in some way but sometimes life outside blog is way more important. Thanks for the makes me feel a little less lame for not getting to highlighting my swap sponsor.

  2. I've mostly been finding that I'm moving away from short term swaps. Sure, if someone wants to swap for a month that's fine, but for blogs I actually follow? I'm finding that I just go in an up them up to a year, let them know what's I've done in case they want to return the favor but since they're people I follow and like, I often don't really care if they do or not.

  3. Hehe, I like that you took my idea :) I just started doing the sponsor spotlight post this last month because I felt like I was the only person not doing one...but I figured it should be purely optional & only a few of my sponsors wanted to participate...but they were excited about it! So whatever works for you is all that you should do, sponsoring should be about supporting the blogs we enjoy anyways :)


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