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Busy, Busy, Busy! Oh yeah, and I'm probably moving soon!

I've got one and half weeks left of classes in this term, and lucky me... allergy season started early this year. Which means I'm not feeling 100% AND I have way too much to do. Not a good combination, but I'm trying to finish well.

Also I've been discussing things with my parents, who have been planning to move to L.A. this spring/summer, and I just might (probably definitely will) go with them! I suppose an act of God could still hinder this plan, but it's pretty much set in stone at this point. It's a brand new plan though (we just started discussing it this past weekend), so it still feels unresolved and not quite real at this point, but it really actually is.

Anyway, they are moving there for my dad's business, and I had originally been planning to stay here in Oregon to finish my program, but... it turns out that the school is probably going to cancel the graphic design program after this year (nothing officially official yet, but my director says it's pretty grim at this point). So... in light of this, most of my class has actually been taking 2nd AND 3rd year classes this year (probably why I feel so busy) to try to cram in as much knowledge and experience as we can before this whole thing collapses. So really... there's no need to stay around next year and "finish" my program - I already will have taken all the design requirements and there are a couple general eds that need finishing, but that could really be done anywhere.

All this to say that... provided my dad can find a buyer for his Oregon business soon... I'll likely be in L.A. by June-ish. Crazy, right? That's like... three months away!

While it's probably not the city I would've chosen to move to had my options been limitless, it'll still be pretty cool, especially as I'll be closer to my niece and nephews!! Also the more I'm researching the area, the more excited I am about the cultural opportunities. We just don't have the concerts, museums, and plays here in rural-ish Oregon that they do there in the big city. (We'll actually be in the suburb of Santa Clarita, but even that "small" suburb is almost as large as the second largest city in the entire state of Oregon). I'm beginning to think there are no small towns in So.Cal., although my sister assures me there are. Lol.

So anyway... that's what's been keeping me busy lately. What's new with you?

Santa Clarita wildfires
Besides Magic Mountain, Santa Clarita is known for it's wildfires!


  1. This sounds like an exciting adventure! There are definitely small towns there though, I grew up in Creston, CA...population 200. Hehe :)


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