Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Chalk Pastels - Illustration Final Project

pastel illustration books

This is my final project in my Illustration class last term. I turned it in matted in a frame, but here is what it looked like right before I matted it. I'm not continuing my Illustration class next term because I have too many other classes to concentrate on, but it's been an interesting journey while it lasted. I can't say as I feel especially gifted in this area, but it has helped my eye, which is what you need as a graphic designer. For me, the laborious nature of hand-making an image is not as interesting to me as creating it digitally. At least not for making a living at. I do find the process cathartic and relaxing, but not when it's for a grade and a deadline. If that makes any sense.

Anyway... so this project was to illustrate the phrase, "A book is a present that you can can open again and again". My teacher thought it would be a good idea to make it look like the books were creating a landscape - rolling hills below and cityscape behind. I'm not sure how well I accomplished that, but I am pretty pleased with how much they look like books! Lol. I'm working with chalk pastels here and let me tell you, that isn't easy! It's a bit like drawing only with your thumbs, while also having the colors blow away, smear, or fall off the page with any move, bump, or breath you make. My knowledge of shadows and highlights alone is what saved this drawing! Lol. As time consuming as pencil is, I think I almost prefer it to pastels because at least the graphite stays put once you put it on the page. ;P

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