Friday, May 3, 2013

5 Things That Make Me Uncomfortable

In no particular order...

1. Wet socks. I'd rather go barefoot than have wet socks on!
2. Drivers that drive directly parallel to my car. Unless we're in stop-and-go traffic, why must you drive directly next to me? Move forwards or backwards, please!
3. Having someone hovering behind me while I'm trying to work. For some reason this makes me extremely self-conscious and I suddenly forget how to do basic things like move the mouse around or spell things correctly.
4. When I tell someone my weekend was quiet and they respond with, "Oh I'm sorry." Um... thank you? I actually loved that my weekend was quiet, so I'm not sure why you're apologizing. #MomentOfAwkwardSilence
5. Watching my favorite movie with someone new. I always end up so distracted, hoping that they'll love it as much as I do, that I have a hard time actually enjoying the movie myself! Lol.

What about you? What makes you uncomfortable?


  1. I agree so much with #1 & #4. I also hate when people ask what my plans are for the weekend and my plans include relaxing, watching tv and catching up on school work. Then they act like that's a horrible weekend. Just because I live in the village doesn't mean I want to go to the bar 24/7 :)

  2. I agree with #4. I prefer quiet weekends, too. I am not a party/bar person.

    And #3 is aggravating. I am currently dealing with a co-worker like that.


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