Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Story of My Life (in 250 words or less)

Due to my being a total slacker on blogging lately (on not really feeling guilty about it... sorry), I thought it might be fun to go completely in the other direction this month and participate in the Blog Every Day In May trend started by Jenni over at the Story Of My Life blog. I don't actually follow this blog, but my blog-friend Angie post about it on her blog, and I thought it was an interesting idea. Jenni has a topic lined up for every day, so I will attempt to follow and we'll see how that goes!


Story of My Life (in 250 words or less)

(That's me on the right. Approximately age 2.)

I was born at home in 1979 in a small rural area of Oregon. In fact being born at home was so rare in those days that I actually made the local papers (no joke). Since then we've moved around a LOT (but always in Oregon). I used to joke that I had lived in more houses than the number of years old I was, but I'm not sure that's still true (it's well over 20 different houses though). I have always loved reading, writing, and daydreaming, and that probably won't change anytime soon. I have gone to school for Bible & Theology, Psychology & Counseling, and now Graphic Design. One day I hope to have the time and money to travel outside the Pacific NW and see more of the world!


  1. Hey, I found your blog through the Blog Every Day in May linkup post!!

    That's a lot of schooling -- but I guess I'm doing a lot, too! HAHA! The subjects you've studied seem really interesting! :) Also, was clicking around your blog and saw that you're an INFJ/INFP... I'm an ENFP (who's pretty introverted at times)!

    1. Welcome! :) It's funny, the only ENFP I've known was one of the most extroverted people I know! Lol. I guess it just goes to show that there is definitely a spectrum of introvert/extrovert. ;)


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