Thursday, May 16, 2013

Overcoming my lot in life... or not...

Today's prompt kind of cracks me up. I'm sure some people have a "lot in life" that is no joking matter, but for me, myself, I don't feel like there's any great experience/situation hanging over my head that I'm constantly trying to overcome. I am who I am and what I've been through has made me who I am today, so... Maybe it's just me, but I don't really think about life's circumstances like they're something to overcome. I work towards goals and move on from things that didn't work. I don't dwell a lot on the past, other than to try to learn from my mistakes.

Sometimes I think our "lot in life" can really be a mental thing. You either have it in your head that you do do/be anything, or you don't. Not that everyone has the ability to do anything they want, but just that a lot of people needlessly censor their ideas and dreams because they think they're not worthy of them or that somehow they're unable to fulfill them due to growing up in the poor side of town, etc.

I've grown up with the idea that I can/should go to college or that if I dream to move to NYC or Sydney, Australia, that I can/should try that. I don't feel like there really have been many obstacles in my life hindering me from trying new things, other than perhaps money (we've always been pretty poor). We may not have always been able to buy new clothes growing up, but going to college was always a given in my family, for which I am grateful (even if I complain about the student loans now). I feel like, overall, my life has been pretty blessed. We may not ever have had a lot materially, but the attitude of my parents gave me the confidence to try new things, which is probably one of the best gifts any parent can give their children!

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