Saturday, August 31, 2013

Selling on Etsy e-Book

I'm so happy to announce that my new e-book is done! It's been a very hectic week, finishing up all the corrections that my editor kept sending over, but definitely a fun process all in all! ;)

The PDF version is available on the Etsy store and the Kindle version is available on the Amazon store!

selling on etsy guide


• What’s your first impression of my shop?
• What should I sell?
• What should I name my shop?
• Do I need a shop banner?
• Should my titles be descriptive or practical?
• What should I say in my item descriptions?
• Why do I need a seller profile?
• Shop policies? What are those?

• Why can’t I seem to get any traffic to my shop?
• How can I tell if what I’m doing is making any difference in getting traffic to my shop?
• Why am I not getting any sales?
• Are my prices too high?
• Who is my target market?
• How’s my photography?
• Should I use a model in my photographs?
• Should I be on Facebook? Twitter? Pinterest? Instagram?
• How should I package my items?
• Should I be preparing for Christmas sales? (And if so, how?)

• What do I do about rude customers?
• They want a refund! Now what?
• How do I get a customer to leave my feedback?
• Should I convo a customer to let them know I’ve shipped their order?
• I need more information before I can ship an order. How do I get it?
• Is it okay to email potential clients about my shop?

+ 5 case studies of actual Etsy shops!

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