Monday, August 12, 2013

Things I've Learned in the First 48 Hours of Being a Southern Californian

#1 - I now know how to pump gas

I've pumped my own gas for the first... and second... time this week. Believe it or not, I made it to the ripe old age of 34 without ever having done that before. Oregon is one of the only states where pumping your own gas is illegal, so I've been privileged to have the station attendants do it for me up until now! Thankfully most pumps seem to have directions, so I'm sure I'll be an old pro soon. ;)

#2 - My hair dries really fast in this hot, dry weather

It's very odd to me to literally be out of the shower and in about 5 minutes my hair's nearly dry. In Oregon, I'd have to spend like 10-15 minutes with a hair dryer to get it dry. Most days I wouldn't bother and would just let it stay wet for hours. I never really thought about the fact that our very humid Oregon weather was probably partially to blame for my hair taking so long to dry! Lol. Now living in the middle of a desert, it's very interesting to be able to dry off so fast!

#3 - The second the sun goes down, it gets cool

This is another symptom of being in a dry climate. I sort of knew this fact from visiting my sister who has lived here for years, but it still surprises me every evening. I'm so used to being hot and sticky late into the night during Oregon summers. As hot as it gets during the day down here, the evenings are gorgeous and cool and it's the perfect time to go out on the town.

#4 - People drive really FAST here

I think this is partially a Californian thing. Every Californian I have ever known has driven fast, but I really notice it now that I'm living here. Even the speed limits are higher here than in small-town Oregon. Freeways are mostly 70 mph (65 in Oregon), and in-town driving is mostly 45-50 mph (35 in Oregon). I feel like I'm always zipping around really fast, just praying that I don't miss my exit! Lol.

Have you ever moved somewhere a lot different from where you grew up? What fun new things did you learn or discover about the new area?


  1. How exciting!! Are you loving it over there yet? I forgot about the gas-pumping thing, lol! Josh and I were passing through Oregon one time and he went to go pump the gas some dude came up behind him. He was all weirded out like, "Can I help you...?" lol!

    I'm glad you made the move and are starting a new adventure - it's scary at times but fun too!

  2. pump gas?? I am not sure we are having this here in Europe...or I just don't know what it is^^ haha
    Just had a car for 2,5 years, hated driving and was happy to sell it before my little Europe trip^^

    I hope you enjoy your new hometown :)

    1. Lol. That just means to put fuel in your car. Must be an American expression. :)


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