Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Pastel Exercise

Last week we were given a phrase (randomly drawn out of a hat) and were asked to illustrate it in pastels. We were not allowed to use any words in our drawing, and the goal was that 90% of the people who looked at it would be able to get the impression of the meaning of the phrase (if not the exact phrase).

So... here's my pastel composition. I may have to tweak it some more today when we turn it in (our teacher is notorious for saying, "That's great... now just change this and this and this and this..."). Lol.

So the bigger question is... was I successful? Can you tell what this is supposed to be saying?


  1. Free your imagination, read a book.

  2. I agree it has to do with reading a book. It is gorgeous, I love the bright colors!!

  3. Something about fairy tales flowing from the pages of a book. :)


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