Monday, February 11, 2013

Pastel Ribbons

We've been working on pastels this past week in my Illustration class. It's super messy and super fun! I feel like I'm a child playing in finger paints. Lol. It basically is like chalk, and you layer on the colors and then blend it with my fingers.

We did several practice pieces, and then did this one based on the same ribbon I did in our technical pen project and our graphite pencil project. It's actually kind of like revisiting an old friend because I know this ribbon so well now! I understand where the shadows are, where the highlights are, which sections are trickier to render so they come across well. I never would've thought drawing/painting the same ribbon over and over and over would be interesting, but it actually is!

And I just realized I never showed you my final stippled ribbon. I'm not even sure I blogged about it, to be honest. Lol. The only photo of it is of when it's about 95% done, so I'll be sure and update you when I get a full picture taken!

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