Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sometimes it's good to scare yourself.

found via: Running on Happiness Blog

There's definitely some truth to this saying. I mean... if you knew you could accomplish your dreams, they wouldn't really be that scary. But if your dreams are big and huge and you have to move out of your comfort zone to accomplish them... that's scary. And let's face it, if your dreams scare you, that probably means they're worth pursuing! (Although if your gut's telling you you shouldn't pursue something... that's probably not fear... that's just wisdom. Listen to your gut.)

But seriously... if your "dreams" are not scaring you... dream bigger. I dream of being a graphic designer living in New York City. That's scary! I have no idea if I can actually do that. But... it's something I want to shoot for, and I'll never know if I could do it if I don't even try, right? I could aim for something easier like... being a designer while living in Portland. I know I can do that. I've lived there before. I know tons of people there. Yes, I'd be happy there, but it wouldn't really be a stretch to accomplish. That's what I'm talking about with a dream that doesn't scare you. Dare to dream bigger than what would be easier to do! You just might be amazed with what you end up accomplishing!

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