Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Graphite Leaves

In going through my iPhone to find photos of past projects that I'd forgotten to tell you about, I found a photo of a graphite (pencil) rendering I did of leaves last term. I'm pretty sure I forgot to tell you about this, so wanted to share it now!

This particular assignment was stuffed into finals week last term so was done VERY QUICKLY (like in about 4 hours). Normally I would allow at least 20 or 30 hours for something this detailed, but due to being assigned very close to our due date (giving only about a week's notice) and also having a million other projects due also in that same week, this ended up being a one afternoon project. Despite doing it so quickly though, I was amazed how just remembering to leave highlights and add shadows really made it feel real much more than I would've thought it would've. That's definitely one thing I'm learning in this illustration class... don't forget the highlights and shadows! Those are what give the subject definition and depth!


  1. You did that in only 4 hours?! Damn, girl! You done good. You're right - making something look real relies on adequate shadows and highlighting. Is there blue in there, too? It kind of looks like it. I remember my painting teacher in high school telling me to look deeper into the shadows - they aren't just black, but a shade of a color. I remember adding purple to the shadows and it totally made the painting 10x better.

  2. Wow it's amazing! And only in 4 hours, that's incredible! I feel like "don't forget the highlights and the shadows" is a metaphor for life! :)


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