Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Designing is not always a linear process.

I've been having a two-week long design block. Well, maybe block is too strong a word. It wasn't complete blank-ness, like you would associate with "writer's block", but I had definitely hit a wall in my project.

We were supposed to choose a poem, story, recipe, song, etc... and then illustrate it. I chose a poem that has stuck in my head since high school: The Road Not Taken, by Robert Frost.

Then I started trying to visualize how I would illustrate it. I made sketches. I started and scrapped about half a dozen digital designs. I mulled it over in my head. I've even dreamt about it the last few nights.

Suddenly this evening... BAM! My brain suddenly figured out what it wanted to do and I finished it in about an hour. Fast? Maybe. But then again... I've been thinking about little else for two weeks. Just goes to show that design is not always a linear process. Sometimes you have to mull things over for awhile and let everything marinate before anything good comes out, I guess.

I may or may not clean this up tomorrow... rearrange some trees or do some kerning... but... not too shabby for a stroke of artistic fervor in the middle of the night, no?

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  1. That looks great! Really looks painted, not digital, too. :)


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