Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Musings on the Creative Mind

I'm beginning to realize that creative people are crazy. And wonderful. And prolific. And all kinds of not normal. Which is a good thing.

I'm not talking crazy like "needs to go in a home" crazy, but more like, they are people who aren't afraid of looking silly or trying new things. They sing, dance, act, draw, play with clay, make videos, create things out of yarn. Creative people see life differently. They are kids at heart who don't mind getting down on their knees to play with little green army men. I'm being to realize that most (all?) creative people are like this, too. (I mean, have you ever watched the outtakes from a movie? Even a serious movie? They're all nuts!)

The more entrenched I become in my graphic design training, the more I realize that I'm one of those creative people! So long have I mainly interacted with logical, solemn, "normal" people that I'd forgotten what fun it is to play and dream and be silly. It feels nice to settle into my right-brain a little more.

It no longer blows my mind to find artists that can cross mediums with some measure of success: for example, I just ran across a well-known actor who also plays the violin quite well (recognize this guy, House fans?). The more different creative things I try, the more I want to try, and I no longer feel weird about that. I used to think you had to stick with one thing, but I'm beginning to realize that it doesn't work that way with creative people. I'm getting good at graphic design, but I'm also good at many other creative things as well, and that's perfectly "normal" for creative people.

Will I become a prolific actor someday? No, that's highly doubtful. But I will try watercolor, stop-motion movie making, writing, knitting, doily-making, and whatever the next creative thing that comes to my mind will be. It's endlessly fascinating to me to try new things and this world of creativity is blowing the doors wide open!


  1. I kind of wish I was more creative. Just told the husband I should take up knitting; but it's so hot here, I would never wear anything I knit. See, there I go being practical again!

  2. So. True!

    (I actually think I'm crazy in the "she NEEDS to be institutionalized" kind of way.)

    1. Lol. Well hey.... if you're locked up, there's more free time to be creative, right? ;P

    2. Absolutely there is! ...that's a good thought, actually.


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