Friday, May 25, 2012

Looking for June Sponsors

Are you ready to sponsor Living the Creative Life? I have 1800 page views per month, 61 readers on GFC, 102 Pinterest followers, and 180 Twitter followers (as of May 2012).

To keep this hassle free, I will post one sponsor highlight post a month, highlighting every sponsor at once, but I cannot guarantee that I'll have time to do much more than that. I will grab content/photos from your blog to make a quick blurb about you for this post -- if you would rather send me different content, please do as soon after purchasing your ad as you can. Email is the fastest way to reach me.

For those of you doing swaps, please look for the DISCOUNT CODES above. If you are needing a button, please check my Buttons page. If you need some "About Me" copy, check my About Me page and feel free to grab any of that. If you need anything different, please ask, but remember that I am a busy student right now and won't have time to do a lot of special arrangements, interviews, etc. Of course if you need a different size button for your blog for the swap, shoot me an email and I'll try to get that to you w/in 24 hours.

Disclosure: I only support and promote things I personally believe in, love and stand by. I reserve the right to terminate any sponsorship at any time without refund due to unethical business practices. (Please don't worry, it hasn't happened as of yet!)

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