Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A little story about the day my gas tank was siphoned!

Ironically, I probably would've realized this sooner if I didn't live in Oregon, but my gas tank was siphoned probably about a week ago. My "Check Engine" light had come on, which can often mean that your gas cap wasn't screwed on properly (I know, weird right? I used to work for a gas station corporate office and that was one of the little tricks I picked up.) Anyway, so about a week ago I noticed that light come on so I checked my gas cap. Sure enough, it wasn't screwed shut. There was a (what I now know was a siphoning) hose there but I didn't know that it wasn't supposed to be there BECAUSE I LIVE IN OREGON where we don't pump our own gas. Lol. If I had ever pumped gas even once in my life I would've known that there isn't supposed to be a hose sticking out of your gas tank. But I haven't, so I didn't. ;P

So today I went to get gas and the gas station attendant was like, "Um... you might want to come take a look at this... you've been siphoned." Um, what?? Lol. I was surprised, to say the least.

He couldn't pull it out - it was jammed in there good. It looked like they'd just sawed the end off and left the one end down inside my tank. He didn't have a pliers either, so he suggested I go across the street to the Les Schwab (that's a tire-repair franchise, for those of you who don't live in the Northwest) and see if they had the right tools to take it out. Sure enough, they did. They're helpful like that. (If you ever have a flat, they'll fix it for free, too. We love Les Schwab around here!) That guy wanted to know if I wanted to keep the hose as a souvenir. Tempting... but no.

So anyway, back to the gas station I went after that to actually buy the gas that I had gone there to get a half hour previous but couldn't due to the hose blocking the opening. The attendant was really curious about the hose; how long it was, if they got it out, etc. (It was about 3 1/ 2 feet long, and yes they got it out). 

Long story short... I was late to school today.


  1. Wow! That's crazy! And kind of funny how you didn't know what the gas tank was supposed to look like in the first place. :) I know that could have been me a few years ago, too. :P

  2. Oh My goodness! I am so sorry that happened!
    You all don't pump your own gas? We used to have some stations that would do that for you here, but they don't do it anymore.

  3. gees thats horrible! i'd be so pissed! i'm so glad my vw has a gas door that you can only open from the inside of the car with a special button. because with the prices of gas, its sad to see people stealing from other cars.


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