Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Daily Life

Due to my MacBook cord deciding it didn't want to charge my MacBook anymore and also due to my school schedule, I thought it might be fun to do a series of quick posts from my iPhone for awhile. I'll try to post a photo a day and give a brief synopsis of what I've been up to. What do you think?

So my first day of my last term of school was yesterday. So far so good! I'm only taking 3 classes instead of the 5 that I should be taking, but I know I made the right decision. Having too busy of a schedule totally stressed me out and these three classes that I am taking are going to be insanely tough as it is. We're working on our graduating portfolio, personal identity and branding, and personal website (to be used for our online portfolio). Needless to say all these are all very important projects and very time consuming as well!

Which brings me to another topic I'd like to discuss. Well two really... (did I say this was going to be a quick post? oops). So since my portfolio site will be done in Wordpress, I most likely will move my blog over there this summer to keep everything together. Ordinarily I've liked Blogger just fine, but with their doing away with Google Reader and Friend Connect it's not nearly as easy and convenient of a blogging system as it used to be.

Which brings up my second point... I was testing out Google+ as an alternate means of letting people subscribe in lieu of using Google Reader or Friend Connect. Turns out GR is just as unusable as it was when I first tried it. Apparently there is still no (free) way to automatically publish my blog feed on there, which is the biggest downside for me. I have enough to do in my life without regressing to 2001 and manually submitting my blog feed every single time I write a post. Get with the program, Google!

Anyway... long story short. Probably going to pull the plug on my G+ account soon. Unless you really want it. Speak now or forever hold your peace.

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