Monday, April 22, 2013

Etsy Research View

Etsy recently implemented a new feature in their search section called Research View. I've found that it can really speed up the process of market research when deciding on what to price your items, as well as how to decide on relevant tags to use for each item.

Using Etsy's Research View

  1. Type in your search criteria as you normally would. Try to pay attention to the suggestions it gives you, as these are commonly searched phrases by actual customers. If you can use common terms when titling your items, you're more likely to be found by your target customers!
  2. Click on the third option for ways to view your search results. This is the Research View! Unless your search returns little to no results, this screen will display a graph of other items on Etsy that used your searched term in their listing, as well as what prices and tags they used.
  3. Study the data to determine what might be an optimal price range for your item. Decide if you want to be near the lower or higher end of the price range or somewhere right in the middle! Often results will display in a sort of bell curve, so it can be pretty easy to determine what most shops on Etsy are charging for items similar to yours.
This is a great tool that can help you decide how to price your items in relation to how everyone else on Etsy prices similar items. In can help to try a variety of related search terms to get a broader sense of what general price range items in your category are selling for. Of course, as with any pricing tool, remember to keep in mind that your individual situation is unique. When pricing your work, always keep in mind your overhead costs, price of supplies, and number of years of experience that you personally offer to your field.

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