Saturday, April 13, 2013

Re-Organizing My Blog

Today I was inspired to finally wade through all the tags on my blog (some leftover from when I brought this blog over here from Squarespace three years ago!). I cleaned them up considerably, narrowing things down to 20 tags (which you can now find both in the sidebar and in the footer). Should make browsing my blog easier for both me and you! ;)

It was pretty interesting going back through my blog though. I skimmed through every... single... post. (Yes, it took forever). Even way back before I applied for school, I was dreaming about being creative, traveling, and doing something more with my life than answering phones all day. If my self from three years ago could only see me now!! ;)

Also in conjunction with the tag revamp, I completely redesigning my blog. (Yes, again). I suppose I should be designing my school projects instead, but we all need a day of procrastination now and then, right?


  1. The new layout looks great! I so need to do some reorganization on my blog... My categories/tags are a total mess.

  2. I always love your blog layouts. You're so talented! Hope you're doing well...when do you move to LA again?


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