Saturday, April 27, 2013

What's on my iPhone: Podcast Edition

I was reading my blog subscriptions today and ran across a great post over on Alicia's blog about what podcasts she listens to. Which made me think... I listen to podcasts all the time! Why have I never shared about them?

Here are five podcasts that I listen to that you just may like too! Do you listen to podcasts? Leave a comment below with your favorites!

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The Deeply Graphic Design Cast

I love the generally laid-back nature of this podcast, along with the great advice from working designers. They talk about trends in the industry, tips on dealing with clients, and just general advice on running a graphic design business. Even if you're not a designer, you could probably glean from the great small business tips in here. They also have a great blog with more design and business tips, if that's something you're interested in.

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MacBreak Weekly

I have listened to many podcasts in the Twit universe (including it's flagship podcast, This Week In Tech (Twit)), although right now I'm just listening to MacBreak Weekly. They all tend to be looooong podcasts (ranging from 1-2 hours a week), so I've found that I can't subscribe to very many of them at a time or I'll never have time to listen to any of them. Leo Laporte is a generally likable podcast host though and always has pretty interesting guests on his show. Every podcast has a general focus (this one is on Mac news), but all tend to be rather laid back and chit-chatty, which I like. It's a great way to stay up on current tech trends, Mac product news, and general web/tech/computer news that might be important.

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The Trending Show

This show pretty much cracks me up every time. Again it's a pretty laid back format (which seems to be what I look for most in a podcast). They take a look each week at the top trending topics on Google and Twitter and try to figure out why they were trending. The hosts generally don't know about or appreciate sports or politics so they avoid those two topics (which I also am grateful for) unless it's something super duper important that no one can miss. Generally speaking though, it's a fun way to hear about random topics and events that you may or may not have known were happening.

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You Need a Budget.

I recently discovered this podcast and went back and listened to all of them iTunes had available (back to like episode 18 or so - the archives didn't go back further than that). Each episode is usually about 5 minutes long and is basically just this guy talking about his experience budgeting for his family (he sounds about 30-35 years old and is married with a young family). He also has a great budgeting software that I'm trying out (which is a topic for another blog post), but he rarely, if ever, mentions that on the podcast. He definitely is more about educating people on budgeting than he is on selling his software, which I appreciate. Even if you never buy his software (although actually, I highly recommend it), you will still learn a LOT from this podcast).

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Stuff Mom Never Told You

Here's another podcast I discovered recently that's pretty interesting. It's a general knowledge podcast where they tackle a new subject each time (it publishes about twice a week). I don't always listen to every episode (I've been going through the archives listening to the ones that sound interesting) and sometimes I think they are a little biased in their points of view, but generally speaking they do seem to do their research. They tackle pretty much any interesting topic, from romance to boy bands to New Years resolutions to sleepwalking. Some topics they cover may be considered controversial, so keep that in mind when listening, but generally I've found them to have a respectful attitude about everything, no matter how neutral or charged the topic of the day is.

Do you listen to podcasts? What are your favorite podcast topics? Do you have any recommendations you'd like to share with me? Comment below!

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