Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Freebie: Los Angeles Skyline

I had an idea recently to make skyline images in Adobe Illustrator. In honor of my upcoming move to Los Angeles, I decided to start with that skyline. It's strange, I don't generally think of LA as having a skyline, but it does. I don't think I've actually ever been to the downtown, skyscraper area of the city yet, even though I've been there many times. This is one spread out city, let me tell you! Lol.

Anyway... I decided to give you this skyline for free as a desktop background! I made it in the resolution of my MacBook screen (1280x800), so if you need a different size, let me know and I can tweak it for you.

Download FULL version here.

Download FULL version here.

Do you have a specific city that you'd like me to make next? List your requests below! I prefer making actual skyscraper cities, but you're free to try to sneak in other suggestions as well. Who knows, I just might make your cute little small town for you! ;)

If I do make your request, I will email you to let you know when it'll be available on the blog. Otherwise, just check back periodically and see what else I've created!

(PS: if you're a "no-reply" blogger, I won't be able to email you to let you know I've worked on your idea. Sad! You can read here on how to fix this problem, if that's something you want to know how to do).

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  1. That looks AWESOME Jen! How freaking exciting!! Sounds like it's going to be a fun change. I love skyline designs - they just look rad.


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