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The day I rearranged my whole class schedule.

I had a huge bomb dropped on me yesterday... in a good way. I've been talking with my advisor all week about what classes to take next year and yesterday he was like, "Wait... why aren't you signed for Graphic Design I?" which is a third-year class.

Due to not having very many second-years this year, he had told us first-years that we would be allowed to take some of the third-year classes with them while we're still in our second year if we wanted to. I had prayed about it quite a bit when I first found out about this opportunity, and although I sort of wanted to do that, I had pretty much talked myself out of it.

So I told him, "Well, I was just going to wait and take everything in order," and he was like, "Nooooo! You have to take it! You'll be so good at it!!!" Lol.

I asked him if he thought I was ready to jump ahead like that (he was one of my teachers this year, so he's familiar with my work), and he was like, "Oh definitely. In fact..." and he leans in with a stage whisper, "I think you're probably the only first-year who is ready!"

Ha! Talk about a vote of confidence! He's not one to hide it if you're doing poorly either, so I know that he genuinely thinks I'm up for the challenge. Wow!! My brain pretty much exploded right about then. I mean, I knew I'd been learning a lot, but it's always nice to hear from someone who knows what they're talking about that I'm actually doing quite well.

Anyway, so I had to rearrange my whole schedule to fit in that extra class. I dropped some filler classes that I had thrown in there, and I added the classes he suggested. I'm going to be soooo busy next year, but I'm very excited about it all! I'll still have a few classes to take in the third year, but this major section of Graphic Design will be done already (it's a 12 credit, 3-class sequence).

So after that minor brain explosion... I remembered that those who are planning to jump to the third year are required to add an extra piece to our end-of-year portfolio... which is due, like, RIGHT NOW. We have until Monday to turn it in, but it has to be professionally printed, so we have to allow for time to do that. Anyway, I was planning to go to print today... but now I have to create a whole new piece from start to finish before I can do that. Yikes!! I got most of my research and brainstorming done in class yesterday (who can pay attention after all this news??), so I think I can pull it off. Needless to say, it's been a bit crazy inside my head this week!


  1. Good luck with you Graphic Art Design class, my oldest daughter took that and she now does this for a living and loves it:)


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