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How to Link Your Really Good Posts to Other Posts on Your Blog

I had a very interesting question the other day when I was talking about blog stats, and I thought it'd be worth it to make a post about this subject:
"One thing, I am not sure how to link my really good posts to other posts of mine. I am open for any suggestions. :)"
Let's take this from the top. So, the first thing you need to do is figure out which are your most viewed posts. Go into your Blogger Dashboard and find your Stats page. On the left side you'll see an option for Posts, and it should automatically list them in order of views. On the right are options for how you view this data. You can view your monthly stats, weekly stats, etc. For this purpose, it's probably good to look at "Month" or "All Time".

For my blog, an old post I wrote about 80's cartoons is the most popular post I have. For some reason that gets found on Google quite a bit more than anything else I write about. Since I know people are going to be entering my blog on that page, it would be helpful if they found links there to other posts, which (hopefully) will entice them to look around a little more!

You want to try to link to relevant information (I did that at the top of this post too, actually. Did you notice?). In the case of this 80's post, the first sentence talks about watching tv, so I did a search in my blog for any time I talked about "television" to find the URL of a search query that would be relevant to this topic.

>>There's a search box in the upper left of every Blogger blog, so just type a relevant search term in there and if what comes up looks like it could relate to the post you want to link to, great! Grab that URL and move on to the next step. If this doesn't look right, remember that you can also link directly to another post's URL or also to the URL for a tag. It just depends on what you think people who are viewing that particular post might find interesting.<<

Okay, so go back to the popular post that you're editing, highlight the words you want to add a link to, click on "Link" in the options bar and then paste the URL that you are linking to. Add a couple more relevant links to the page if you want, then hit "Publish"! I try to limit the amount of links I add in a post to no more than 2 or 3 because I don't want people to feel like I'm spamming them, but feel free to vary the amount of links you add.

Hope this helps! I can't guarantee this will get you more views, but it seems like it might. At the very least, it's a good way to make your blog a little more user-friendly by helping people to find more interesting content!


  1. thanks for this! i wondering how people did it. i might have to give it a go!

  2. I'm sure you have heard of LinkWithin. I started using it just a few days ago and I think it has helped increasing my pageviews so far. It's worth trying, really :)

  3. You've made a good enough argument for me to add this to my "Figure out which plugin does this for my self-hosted Wordpress blog."


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