Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Link Dump #3

Here are a few links I've found this week that have inspired or informed me. Hopefully you'll find them interesting too! :)

I got some good tips here about saving money. I mean really... don't we all have something to learn in that area?

I love this blog - she tends to have a lot of interesting posts about how to make it in your own freelance business. Since that's my main goal in life right now, it's always helpful to hear what she has to say!

I just love this girl's art! She's been inspiring me to art journal, and now look at this cute sketchbook cover she made! So creative!!

Love this - such a cute idea! I hadn't considered writing on my mugs before, but it really does make a fun look.

And as someone who is currently bidding on design jobs, I'm discovering first-hand that people expect to get something for nothing. Really people... design does not happen in a vacuum. There are hours upon hours of training, thinking, and brainstorming behind that "simple" logo that you think costs too much. Read on...


  1. Great article on why a logo should cost more than 5 dollars!

    1. Thank you! I try to explain this to people sometimes and they act like design shouldn't be worth much. They don't realize how much thought and effort goes into even the most simple design!


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