Sunday, April 17, 2011

Art, Expression, Freedom, and Creativity

I just love finding fun, creative blogs to read. It reminds me that life doesn't have to be all about corporate responsibility. Art, expression, freedom, and creativity definitely have a place in this world and I'm starting to believe that it's okay that I love these things. Not everyone is a Type-A, get-things-done type of person. Some of us need a little more emotion and inspiration in our lives! Here are some lovely posts that have been inspiring to me lately:


Megan at {Freckled Italian} shows us her current color inspirations! I just love her choice of photos here. So beautiful and vibrant!


Selma at {Crazy Little World of Mine} blogs about her perfect Saturday! Reading, relaxing... sounds about right!


Katie at {I Go by Katie} writes about a typical day in her creative life. I just love all the time she has to creative, sew, photograph. Someday I hope my life will be so free!


Betsey at {Peace Love Bella Vita} shares her pretty inspiration with us! Beautiful, lovely things that make me smile.


For these and other inspiring things, check out my {Google Reader} shared items page! I try to share things that inspire me, beautiful photos, etc.

Also, there's still time to think about {Sponsoring} me for the month of May! :) Help me tell others about your inspiring work. Do you blog? Create things for Etsy? Help drive people to your site by sponsoring my blog - starting at just $3 for the month!

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