Friday, April 8, 2011

So Boring and Mundane

I've been feeling very angsty lately. (Apparently "angsty" is not a word, according to my spell-checker. Hmm...)

Mainly I just want to NOT be working at this boring, monotonous job and be on to more thought-provoking and creative ventures. I've tried to distract myself with pretty pictures: here and here and here, but always just end up feeling more frustrated that my current life is so boring and mundane.

I really want to move. Someplace laid-back, with lots of art & culture, and with a low cost-of-living. Know of any place like that?

Then there's the factor of not having any money to move. Ahh money... can't live with it, can't live without it. (Okay, I could live WITH it, if only I had some to begin with).

It seems that the South has a lot of what I'm looking for. Maybe Austin or Charlotte. They claim to be very laid-back in the South, which would fix a multitude of other deficiencies. (Not saying there are any - never been to the South - just saying if there ARE deficiencies there, being laid-back would counteract them.)

Being a native Oregonian though, I'm a bit worried that I wouldn't be able to handle the heat down South. Is it very overwhelming?

On the other hand... they probably have A/C everywhere, right? That's one thing we don't really have here (inside the apartment buildings anyway) so when it gets to 105 once a year, it feels like 120 indoors. Bleh...

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